Force 3G and Force 6.5G are Restricted Use Pesticides.
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Corn Rootworm

Don’t underestimate the pest

Corn rootworm is a tiny pest that can take a big bite out of a farm’s bottom line. Corn rootworm pressure can vary from year to year and location to location, but this resilient pest is highly adaptable and can wreak havoc even when least expected.

Damage and pest control cost


per year*


15% to 17% reduction

in corn yields for every node of the corn root that is injured by CRW larvae

Zone of protection for young corn roots

Force® 6.5G corn insecticide is a high-load granular insecticide designed for growers who want control of CRW and other soil-dwelling insect pests with enhanced convenience.

Wireworm Wireworm
White Grub White Grub
Seadcorn Maggots Seadcorn Maggots
Root Damage Summary
Root Damage Summary

More Coverage in every bag

More Coverage in every bag.

More coverage

A higher load formulation goes farther and results in fewer stops to refill insecticide boxes, which allows faster, more efficient planting with less hassle.

more coverage

Lower dust formulation

Force® 6.5G resulted in significantly reduced dust-off compared to Force 3G and Aztec® 4.67G*

Number of bags needed to treat 80 acres

Force 6.5G Force 6.5G Force 6.5G Force 6.5G

4 bags of Force® 6.5G

Aztec Aztec Aztec Aztec Aztec

5 bags of Aztec® 4.67G

Force 3G Force 3G Force 3G Force 3G Force 3G Force 3G Force 3G

7 bags of Force® 3G

More flexibility

Applied through a wide variety of "open" granular application equipment

20% lighter bags,
175% more acres, 50% less dust.
Same superior corn rootworm control