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Syngenta enhances GreenTrust® 365 mole cricket assurance

Program now guarantees control on golf course turf through Dec. 31, 2022 
GREENSBORO, NC, USA, Sept. 28, 2021 - Syngenta has extended its GreenTrust® 365 mole cricket assurance program to now guarantee control from the time of application through Dec. 31, 2022. Based on the trusted control provided by Provaunt® WDG insecticide, golf course superintendents can expect added protection on more areas of their courses when applied. If at least 80% control of mole crickets is not achieved, Syngenta will provide the appropriate products needed for retreatment. 

“We firmly stand behind the performance of our products. The mole cricket assurance is one of many GreenTrust 365 assurance programs from Syngenta that supports that commitment, and ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction,” explained Stephanie Schwenke, turf market manager for Syngenta. “By extending the mole cricket guarantee through the end of the year, following the second application, superintendents can be confident in the performance of Provaunt WDG.” 
Mole crickets are largely present in the southeastern U.S. and affect the appearance and playability of golf courses by burrowing under the turf and feeding on roots. The best way to prevent damage is by treating fairways, tees, and roughs with Provaunt WDG in the early stages of egg hatch in May or June, then making a second application two to four weeks later.  
“We are now able to assure mole cricket control through the end of the year after two Provaunt WDG applications to tees, fairways and roughs,” said Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services manager for turf at Syngenta. “Treating the entire population across the golf course helps prevent mole crickets from re-infesting high value areas like tees and fairways later in the year. The best results are achieved with early morning applications when leaf surfaces are wet and by watering-in with ⅛ inch of water for thorough, uniform coverage.” 
Provaunt WDG is fast acting, can be easily sprayed on the course and does not require intrusive slit applications like other products. To qualify for the mole cricket assurance, all tees, fairways and roughs must be treated and Provaunt WDG must be purchased from a Syngenta Authorized Distributor/Retailer. To learn more, superintendents can visit or contact their local territory manager
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