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XtendFlex Soybeans
Soybeans in the field

XtendFlex® soybeans from NK Seeds combines our proven, high-performing soybean genetics with triple-stacked herbicide tolerance for greater application flexibility.

  • Tolerance to dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides
  • Greater flexibility for managing tough-to-control weeds, pre-emergence and postemergence
  • High-yielding trait technology stacked on strong yield and agronomics

More choice and performance in every bean.

We bring the widest selection of industry-leading traits because that’s what farmers need to be successful. From the start, our R&D process zeroes in on their most relevant challenges — to provide only the varieties that meet our most stringent standards for defensive characteristics and elite performance in the field. All to make sure farmers have the choices and performance they need.