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Calculate your revenue potential with a full rate of Acuron, the only corn herbicide that outyields the competition by 5-15 bushels an acre when applied preemergence and at full label rates.


Extra revenue potential with a 5 bu/A yield advantage


Extra revenue potential with a 15 bu/A yield advantage

Calculations based on live corn futures pricing data provided by Inc.

How Does Acuron Herbicide Unlock More Yield?

Using another corn herbicide instead of Acuron?

Acuron outyielded competitors in replicated Syngenta and university trials by 5-15 bu/A. Here's how much your revenue potential could increase on the acreage entered above if you switch to Acuron.


Outyielded Resicore® by 5.6 bu/A1


Outyielded TriVolt™ by 11 bu/A2


Outyielded Verdict® by 16.5 bu/A1


Outyielded SureStart® II by 17.5 bu/A1

Calculations based on live corn futures pricing data provided by Inc.

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Better yield is the better deal

Valuing bushels and ROI potential over bundles and "deals" doesn't limit your crop protection options, allowing you to choose products like Acuron that are the right fit for your fields' needs. Whether you're in need of a herbicide, fungicide or seed treatment, the Better Yield is the Better Deal (BYBD) program offers a wealth of industry-leading crop protection products designed to optimize your fields' ROI potential. Talk to your local Syngenta retailer or sales rep to learn more about Acuron or our other BYBD brands.