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Are you ready to find 5-15 more bushels an acre?

When used preemergence at full label rates, Acuron® corn herbicide helps you find 5-15 more bushels an acre than with any other herbicide.

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Extra revenue potential with a 5 bu/A yield advantage


Extra revenue potential with a 15 bu/A yield advantage

Calculations based on Dec. '22 corn futures (Previous price) of $5.46/bu provided by Inc. on Dec. 1, 2021.

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How does Acuron unlock more yield potential than any other herbicide?

Weeds steal sunlight, moisture and nutrients from the growing corn crop. Since Acuron controls tough, yield-robbing weeds better than any other herbicide, it also outyields all others by 5-15 bu/A.

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Powerful weed control

Contains 4 active ingredients and 3 effective sites of action. The Syngenta-exclusive active ingredient bicyclopyrone enables more consistent weed control across soil types and geographies. And better weed control equals higher yield potential.

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Longest-lasting residual

Delivers unmatched burndown and residual control of 70+ grass and broadleaf weeds until crop canopy and beyond. Season-long residual helps fully protect yield potential.

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Proven crop safety

Provides excellent crop safety with application flexibility from 28 days preplant up to 12-inch corn. Even in cool, wet conditions, Acuron is unlikely to injure corn when used according to the label.

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