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CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals

Product Details

CruiserMaxx Vibrance Cereals Seed Treatment

Safeguard wheat and barley seeds, young seedlings and roots from a broad range of seedborne and soilborne diseases and insects with CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Cereals seed treatment. It helps deliver accurate and uniform doses of active ingredient on each seed for dependable coverage and consistent protection from early-season pests.

Active Ingredients:

Sedaxane, Difenoconazole, Mefenoxam, Thiamethoxam

Resistance Management:

Label Details

Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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Worker Safety

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      Product Benefits

      • Vibrance boosts RootingPower through longer-lasting disease protection that leads to strong roots and improved plant stands
      • The Cruiser® Vigor Effect helps enhance germination, increase vigor, improve stand establishment and deliver better yield potential
      • It delivers best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity plus broad-spectrum protection from major seedborne and soilborne diseases
      • The labeled rate allows for enhanced wireworm activity at higher use rates and offers flexibility to add additional Cruiser 5FS
      • It can be applied on-farm or through commercial seed treaters

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