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Make a Stand Against Pythium

Pythium is one of the leading causes of yield loss in cereals, pulses and corn. With a novel mode of action, Vayantis® fungicide seed treatment provides substantially better protection against all known U.S. Pythium species than older technologies.

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Vayantis Seed Treatment

Pythium causes root rot leading to reduced plant stands, stunting, damping-off and ultimately, reduced yield potential. Vayantis delivers a novel mode of action with no cross-resistance to existing oomycete chemistries and represents the most powerful compound ever created to protect cereal, pulse and corn seedlings from Pythium.

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      Product Benefits

      • Effective against all known Pythium species
      • Offers the most robust Pythium protection ever, compared to existing oomycete protection molecules – Metalaxyl® or ethaboxam – based on extensive lab testing of over 400 Pythium isolates
      • Delivers increased seed germination, emergence and plant stand uniformity across variable soil types and environmental conditions
      • Offers resistance management when used with other modes of action against Pythium
      • Features dependable activity to offer effective seed and seedling protection in cereal, pulse and corn crops
      • Boasts excellent seed safety and compatibility with other seed treatments

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