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Water Optimization

Maximize yield when it rains, and increase yield when it doesn't with Agrisure Artesian® corn hybrids.

See the Difference

Agrisure Artesian contains multiple genes for season-long drought protection. Agrisure Artesian traits combine with elite genetics, allowing plants to manage gaps in rainfall through the season and yield exceptionally well in good conditions, delivering nearly 12% higher yields* compared to other hybrids in severe and extreme drought.


The Artesian Difference

Animated shield of protection with raindrops and thermometer underneath sun

Artesian corn hybrids contain multiple genes for season-long drought protection, responding to water stress with multiple modes of action–at virtually any stage of growth.

Animated paper with the letter A next to three checkmarks

Artesian hybrids represent the A-list of high-performing corn hybrids, delivering top-end yields regardless of the weather.

Animated award ribbon next to chain of traits

Agrisure Artesian corn hybrids are available in combination with best-in-class insect control and herbicide-tolerance traits–for the best hybrids science can offer.

The Science of Artesian

Dry conditions at any growth stage can result in reduced yield. The good news is that Agrisure Artesian corn hybrids help the crop optimize the use of available water all season long, converting water to grain more effectively than other hybrids.

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Where to Buy

Ready to protect your corn with above- and below-ground traits? Find out if your dealer offers Agrisure Duracade and Agrisure Viptera.

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Innovation drives everything we do at Syngenta, which is why we're committed to superior research and development in insect control and more.

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Before planting hybrids with Agrisure traits, growers are required to sign a Stewardship Agreement. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of growing hybrids with Agrisure traits, compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-mandated IRM programs and grain channeling requirement, where applicable.

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