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The Industry’s Most Effective Above-Ground Insect Control

See cleaner ears, improved grain quality and higher yield potential with Viptera® trait technology. The industry’s leading above-ground protection controls ear-, stalk- and leaf-feeding insects, so every seed has the chance to thrive.

  • Take Control of Above-Ground Insects
    Viptera provides excellent control of corn earworm and is the only trait technology on the market for effective western bean cutworm control.
  • Take Control of Quality
    Ear-feeding insects lower grain quality, reduce yield, and create kernel entry points for molds that produce mycotoxins like aflatoxin, vomitoxin, and fumonisins. Count on Viptera for improved quality.
  • Take Control of Yield Potential
    Viptera provides above-ground protection for a 7.3 bu/A advantage.*

See How Viptera Stacks Up

Viptera® outperforms the competition when compared to non-traited hybrids.

Hybrid without Viptera
Corn earworm damage in Palmyra, MO in 2022. Hybrid without Viptera (left) vs. hybrid with Viptera (right) Corn earworm damage in Palmyra, MO in 2022 Ear damage from western bean cutworm in Clearwater, NE in 2022. Hybrid without Viptera (left) vs. hybrid with Viptera (right) Ear damage from western bean cutworm in Clearwater, NE in 2022. Hybrid without Viptera (left) vs. hybrid with Viptera (right)

Hybrid without Viptera (left) vs. hybrid with Viptera trait stack (right) | Southern Illinois 2013
Get started with Viptera

Stand Up To Above-Ground Insects

See how Viptera® provides more complete control of ear-feeding insects.

See the above-ground advantage

Viptera® trait technology stood up to western bean cutworm pressure in Nebraska this year. Hear David Schlake tell how selecting the right products can protect your field from ear-feeding insect pressure.

Stand Up To Above-Ground Insects With Viptera

Insect feeding from above-ground pests can be detrimental to a corn crop. Hear how growers can control key above-ground pests like corn earworm and western bean cutworm with Viptera® trait stacks which provide the most comprehensive above-ground insect control.

Discover Viptera Trait Stacks

Dr. Greg Warren recalls what led to the discovery of the Viptera® trait.

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Take Control of 13 Above-Ground Insects

Viptera® trait stacks provide better, more complete control of above-ground insects such as western bean cutworm and corn earworm.

Download Viptera Information
InsectViptera® trait stacks*Agrisure® AboveOptimum® AcreMax®VT Double PRO® RIB Complete®PowerCore®
Corn earworm

Black cutworm

Fall armyworm

Western bean cutworm

Dingy cutworm

Common stalk borer

Lesser cornstalk borer

Southern cornstalk borer

True armyworm

Beet armyworm

Sugarcane borer

European corn borer

Southwestern corn borer

Insect control scale

  • blank = unavailable
  • + = some
  • ++ = good
  • +++ = very good
  • ++++ = excellent

*Viptera®, Viptera®Z3, Agrisure® Viptera 3110, to add corn rootworm control consider DuracadeViptera™, DuracadeViptera™Z3, Agrisure® Viptera 3111.

All competitor information is based solely upon interpretation of publicly available information, including public presentations, regulatory submissions and observations made in commercial fields.