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Happy Father’s Day from NK Seeds

Farming is more than a profession — it’s a family legacy.


Farming is more than a profession — it’s a family legacy. The majority of American farms are passed down from generation to generation, often allowing farmers to work alongside their parents while simultaneously teaching their own children the unique skills needed to grow a crop and care for the land. NK is proud to be a part of this rich tradition and to support the farm families at its core.

Farmer and NK sales representative Jeff Trickey discusses the satisfaction of supporting local farmers and farming alongside his son, Brayden

Just in time for Father’s Day, The Amplifier caught up with the New York father-and-son team to learn about their shared love of farming, their connection to NK Seeds, and their special plans for Father’s Day.

Meet Jeff and Brayden Trickey

Even after obtaining dual degrees in agricultural and mechanical engineering and dedicating 25 years to a successful career in diesel engine manufacturing, Jeff Trickey has remained a self-proclaimed “farm kid” at heart. His dad, a banker, farmed just enough to instill in Jeff a love of agriculture that has never waned. So, after years of helping out on his friend’s operation, the engineer started his own corn, soybean and wheat operation in the Finger Lakes region of New York in 2008. Since then, Archer Grain has grown from 40 to 1,000 acres, and it’s become a home where former sweethearts Jeff and his wife, Mandy, now raise their daughters Annabelle (14) and Aria (9) and son, Brayden (12).

Jeff’s passion for agriculture extends well beyond the farm gate. Jeff recently left the engineering field for the farm field full-time. As a territory sales representative for NK Seeds, he supports farmers throughout much of New York (from the Finger Lakes to the east) and in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine.

“I think many people would be surprised at how much agriculture there is in the Northeast,” says Jeff. “I’m not a career salesman, but I am a people person, and I enjoy engaging with and advocating for my community. I’m excited about the NK brand and all we have to offer corn and soybean farmers.”

When it came time to select 2023 seed for his own farm, Jeff says he “put his money where his mouth is” — he’ll plant 100% of his corn and soybean acres to NK this year. “The only fair and right thing to do is to use the product you recommend to others,” he says.

Like Father, Like Son

This Father’s Day and every day, Jeff is thankful to be raising three confident children who have already achieved many successes in their young lives. “As parents, we enjoy watching our kids grow up and accomplish things on their own without making it happen,” he says. “It’s very rewarding to teach them, empower them and give them the tools they need to succeed.”

Jeff and Mandy have many reasons to be proud. In addition to being good students and good citizens, Annabelle has traveled around the country for tournaments with her elite volleyball team. Aria has pursued her own athletic endeavors, excelling in volleyball, basketball and soccer. And like his dad, Brayden has a passion for farming — he planted 300 acres of corn last year and is looking forward to helping again this growing season. “I wish I could plant it all,” he says.

“My dad taught me to drive the tractor and operate machinery, and I’ve learned lots from my dad about different seed types, planting populations, fertilizer and fixing equipment,” says Brayden. “You get to learn a lot about those things when your dad’s an engineer.”

Brayden looks forward to continuing in his father’s footsteps and taking over the farm someday. In the meantime, he enjoys watching the seeds he planted grow into tall plants. It’s a satisfaction that Jeff can relate to.

Varieties bred for the south
“Whether it’s in school, at sports or on the farm, seeing your kids succeed is more rewarding than any success a parent might achieve of their own,” says Jeff. “Raising children in and around agriculture gives them opportunities to learn skills and mature beyond their years.”

Jeff is quick to point out that there’s a lot of safety education entailed with farming. As a safety precaution, Brayden doesn’t yet “road” the equipment on his own, but Jeff says he is impressed by his son’s ability to fill seed, plant and apply fertilizer. “He’s learning it all from the ground up,” he says. “He’s always had an affinity for farming that’s near and dear to my heart.”

Brayden is currently one of the only “farm kids” in his class. And while he has every interest in joining the FFA if a chapter is established in his area, for now, he’s happy to continue learning from his father.

Farm responsibilities keep this father-and-son pair busy, but the Trickey family will take a break for one special day in June. “By Father’s Day, I’m hoping that our crops are planted well and growing strong,” says Jeff. “My perfect Father’s Day would include a little relaxation and a fun family outing — maybe we’ll explore a nearby park or walk a local trail as a family. And we’ll eat lots of ice cream to support the dairy farmers .”

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