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Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions commit themselves to developing solutions that advance the three-pronged goal of helping farmers succeed, protecting the environment and assuring society that we are focused on meeting their needs for the long term.

Sustainability Champion Stories

Within Syngenta, there are countless people committed to advancing growers’ success. These Sustainability Champions are just a few examples of these proactive and dedicated individuals.

headshot of Todd Axtell standing infront of a truck

Todd Axtell

Enogen® Account Lead

Todd first started as a direct sales representative for corn and soybeans for Syngenta Seeds in 2005. He then moved into product development as a district manager, developing hybrids through the commercialization phase. It was during this time when Todd was introduced to the product now known as Enogen. He became part of the commercial team when Enogen was deregulated in the spring of 2011. He then helped with the launch of the product for ethanol use and eventually helped with its expansion into the livestock industry in 2016. In the time since, Todd has been dedicated to the use of Enogen corn for feed within the livestock industry spending a third of his time in R&D and the remainder as the strategic account manager for Enogen supporting the commercial sales team. Most recently he has worked with the Canadian team to help get the product ready for its launch in 2023.

headshot of Kristin Warner in a field

Kristin Warner

Southern CU Veg Seeds Manager

Kristin started work at Syngenta in June 2015. She graduated from the University of Tampa and began her career as a developmental sales representative (DSR) in Michigan. In January of 2016, after completing her time as a DSR, she began working as an AgriEdge specialist in Southeast and Central Texas, where she has remained since. Her territory is large and diverse, spanning from Waco to the U.S.- Mexico border, and from San Angelo to Beaumont. Kristin’s current role is grower-focused, involving one-on-one interaction with producers and crop consultants to provide value-added services through Syngenta’s products.

Kristin works with a wide range of producers, from 300-acre vegetable growers to 38,000-acre row crop operations. If she could share one message from her experience, it is that Syngenta can benefit any sized operation and make sustainability fit on any farm. What excites Kristin about sustainable agriculture is the opportunity to integrate old conventional practices with new technology. She sees the industry entering a new phase where producers are becoming more tech savvy and utilizing the latest and greatest technology.

headshot of Bill McDonnell

Bill McDonnell

Digital Solutions Lead

At Syngenta, Bill works as the digital solutions lead and runs a Farm of the Future project. He is responsible for a digital ag testing program where he tests different technologies such as hardware, software, moving data, imagery and field sensors on a commercial and semi-commercial scale, then gives them a pass/fail status. This allows Syngenta to see if these emerging technologies are ready to be used with growers.

Prior to being at Syngenta, Bill ran a crop consulting company in North Central Illinois, helping farmers improve their use of precision technologies.

Bill looks at sustainability from a digital aspect, asking how we can better use a new or existing technology to increase sustainability.