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AgriEdge Excelsior

Agriedge Excelsior

An Integrated Approach

AgriEdge Excelsior® from Syngenta is for progressive growers seeking to enhance productivity. This proven whole farm program combines secure data management across digital platforms, innovative product choices for every crop, and trusted on-farm service with the opportunity to earn financial rewards, helping growers maximize and sustain their return on investment.

Competitive Edge

Within the agriculture industry, growers have a lot of choices. So what separates AgriEdge Excelsior from the pack? AgriEdge Excelsior combines five synergistic components:


This integrated solution provides growers with a sense of confidence, knowing they are working with industry-leading software and a dependable team they can turn to for support. Backed by a privacy pledge and 95% grower retention rate, there's reason to believe in this proven platform.

A Comprehensive Portfolio is Key

Through AgriEdge Excelsior, Syngenta offers a broad portfolio of products combined with sound agronomic advice. This integrated approach spans across seeds, seed treatments, crop protection and post-harvest products to address yield-limiting factors throughout the year. From the most advanced traits and genetics to the latest chemicals, AgriEdge Excelsior growers have access to products that meet any field's needs.

The Value

The innovative portfolio of seed, seed treatments and crop protection products offered through the AgriEdge Excelsior program provides growers with:

  • Flexible choices for any crop on any farm
  • An exciting pipeline of new solutions
  • Agronomic solutions to help enhance crop quality and increase yields
  • Resistance management solutions
  • Agronomic support from retailers, seed advisors and Syngenta

From the Farm

Jason Gillis wants to get the most out of each field he plants AgriEdge Excelsior® provides insights to help him strive for that goal. His family of four is the core of his farm and finding ways to increase his ROI each season means a better future for them. Read Jason Gillis's story »

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Equipped with a Dedicated Team

Farming doesn't end after the seed is planted or even after an application is made—and neither does Syngenta assistance. All AgriEdge Excelsior growers receive personalized, on-farm support from Syngenta and Ag Connections to help guide them throughout the season. Our dedicated team of experts will collaborate with growers' valued partner of choice to ensure the highest level of customized service.

The Value

What to expect from Syngenta:

  • Software set-up, training and season-long support
  • Agronomic recommendations and crop plans
  • Product training on seed, crop protection and seed treatments
  • Analytics and reports to support farm management decisions
  • Regional expertise from AgriEdge specialists

What to expect from Ag Connections customer support:

  • More than 15 years developing farm management software
  • Software set-up, training and season-long support
  • Technical support through telephone, email and web tutorials
  • Software experts who also understand farming

Reporting and Mapping For Supply Chain Transparency

With Land.db, growers can easily create reports and map trait technology and restricted use crop protection applications for easy regulatory compliance.

A grower can create:

  • Reports and map trait technology and restricted use crop protection applications for easy regulatory compliance
  • Stewardship and compliance reporting for growers' customers
    • Land owners
    • Processors
    • Regulatory bodies (e.g. global GAP, FSA & USDA compliance)

Sustainable Solutions

Growers can track and measure stewardship and conservation practices like:

  • Nutrient management plans
  • Soil health practice
  • Resistance management plans
  • Buffer zones
  • Environmental efficiency indicators

Mitigating Your Risk in Crop Production

We understand farm management involves numerous risks. We are not only committed to risk management, but we also want to share these risks with growers through cost sharing that rewards those who further invest in yield and quality enhancing innovation.

The Value - Level Requirements and Benefits

Growers may qualify for either the Standard Cost Share or the Enhanced Cost Share based off their enrolled acres and Syngenta product applications. This opportunity can be estimated through the use of the AgriEdge Excelsior Cost Share Calculator.

  • Level 1: Meet the Minimum Spend Level requirement
    • Benefit: Receive the primary benefits of AgriEdge Excelsior, including access to Land.db and our support team.
  • Level 2: Meet the Cropsurance Spend Level requirement
    • Benefit: In addition to the benefits of Level 1, growers also qualify for the Cropsurance Cost Share. We provide a 10/90 cost share benefit for qualifying brand purchases above the Cropsurance Spend Level and below the Target Spend Level.
  • Level 3: Meet the Target Spend Level requirement
    • Benefit: In addition to the benefits of Level 1, you will receive peace of mind knowing that we have as much invested in your farms as you do. Capped at the Risk Management Cap, you profit from our 50/50 Target Cost Share benefit.

Advanced Technology at Your Fingertips

Growers enrolled in the AgriEdge Excelsior program receive unmatched data and record-keeping access through Land.db® farm software. Developed by Ag Connections, the farming software captures all information associated with a property then tracks, measures and examines each acre to see if it's profitable. Grower data is 100% owned and controlled by the grower.

How does Land.db software work?

Gathers Key Information

  • Tracks farm inputs by Entity, Farm, Field or Crop zone
  • Offers GIS field mapping, infrastructure mapping, border crop and sensitive area identification
  • Monitors active ingredient thresholds
  • Collects data based on field attributes (crop, varieties, irrigation, tillage, etc.)
  • Secures all privately collected data
  • Records harvest and yield information on all acres

Enhances Efficiency

  • Provides a comprehensive product list and relevant information
  • Offers GIS field mapping, infrastructure mapping, border crop and sensitive area identification
  • Assists in crop planning and budgeting
  • Manages product inventories, pricing and invoicing
  • Produces work orders in English and Spanish, including PPE/WPS

The Value

Land.db farm management software helps growers better understand their business, enabling more informed decisions to maximize returns. The technology allows growers to:

  • Understand profitability at a field level
  • Digitally organize farm data
  • Conduct field mapping
  • Quickly create FSA and Crop Insurance reports
  • Automatically access data through OEM integrations
  • Maximize yields through precision ag integrations
  • Manage on-farm inventory
  • Consistently meet regulatory compliance needs

To learn more about Land.db software, visit www.agconnections.com or contact an AgriEdge manager.

An integrated approach to whole farm management

Watch the videos to discover how personalized service, actionable data and the latest products and technology can help you mitigate risk while improving your return on investment, farm stewardship and land value.

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