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AgriEdge Excelsior® AgriEdge Excelsior®

The AgriEdge Excelsior® program offers data-rich, whole-farm management and solutions to help growers make agronomically sound decisions and operate more efficiently.

A proven agribusiness model, AgriEdge Excelsior is designed around each farm and tailored based on crop mix. Through the program’s premium farm management software, personalized service and cost-sharing opportunities, growers are provided with the tools they need to make informed decisions, gain regulatory compliance and manage risk.

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Syngenta has acquired Ag Connections to enhance whole-farm management for growers. Click on the links below to learn more.

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An integrated approach to whole farm management

An integrated approach
to whole farm management

Watch the videos to learn how personalized service, actionable data and the latest products and technology can help you mitigate risk while improving your return on investment, farm stewardship and land value.


Learn how the AgriEdge Excelsior® program has helped these growers.

Room to grow | Jason's Story

Room to grow

Farming is an unpredictable industry, but Jason knows he can count on the AgriEdge Excelsior® program to help him stay ahead.

» Jason's Story

Wisdom in blue jeans | Pace's Story

Wisdom in blue jeans

Pace and his father sought a solution to the complex task of record-keeping and found the answer in the AgriEdge Excelsior® program.

» Pace's Story

Living a legacy | Phillip's Story

Living a legacy

The whole-farm management model allows Phillip to spend less time on paper work and more time out in his fields on Lane Southern Orchards, which is exactly where he needs to be.

» Phillip's Story

Set for success | Crystal's Story

Set for success

From labeling to cost analysis, the AgriEdge Excelsior® program helps Crystal successfully manage an expanding operation.

» Crystal's Story

Cultivating change | Brad's Story

Cultivating change

With two young children, Brad uses the AgriEdge Excelsior® program to adjust to industry changes and prepare his farm for the next generation.

» Brad's Story

Protecting a legacy with loyalty | Scott's Story

Protecting a legacy with loyalty

To ensure the prosperity of Triple S Farms for years to come, Scott turned to the AgriEdge Excelsior® program.

» Scott's Story