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To grow more sugar, start strong by selecting top-performing varieties and seed treatments to establish a healthy stand and protect your sugarbeets from the start.

Limit disease, insect and weed pressure through our effective fungicide, herbicide and insecticide offerings to ensure that your plants continue to grow strong.


Springtails are one of the most abundant insect groups on the planet with more than 6,000 distinct species identified to date...Read More

Sugarbeet root maggot

Sugarbeet root maggots have a unique life cycle that makes them a difficult to control pest. They overwinter as full-grown larvae 12-plus inches deep in the soil...Read More

Protecting sugarbeet roots from aphids

Sugarbeet root aphids damage sugarbeets by feeding on the sap in roots, reducing the plant's ability to take up nutrients and water. Sugarbeet root aphids are about 1/16-inch long...Read More

Flea beetles

The flea beetle can cause serious damage to sugarbeets in the cotyledon and early leaf development stages. Adult beetles eat into the leaves of the plant, making irregular holes...Read More

Beet leafhopper and curly top virus

Favoring dry, arid conditions, the beet leafhopper overwinters on weeds like wild mustard and Russian thistle before migrating to sugarbeet fields in the spring...Read More

The threat of sugarbeet leaf miners in a life cycle

The threat of sugarbeet leaf miners lies in their unique life cycle. Beet leaf miners overwinter as pupae in the soil and emerge as adults in late May to early June...Read More

Yield strong by protecting roots from late-season diseases, insects and other challenges to maintain sugarbeet health, tonnage and sugar quality.