The threat of sugarbeet leaf miners lies in their unique life cycle. Beet leaf miners overwinter as pupae in the soil and emerge as adults in late May to early June. When adult sugarbeet leaf miners emerge, they begin to mate and lay their eggs on the undersides of sugarbeet leaves. When the eggs hatch, the larvae quickly burrow into the leaf surface of the sugarbeet and feed on the plant tissues. Feeding continues until the larvae are fully grown. They then molt and drop into the soil and overwinter and the cycle continues. Leaf miners can produce up to three generations per year making them a threat for the entire season.

Symptoms and impact:

  • Bleached light green to white marks on leaves of sugarbeets
  • Tan to dark brown necrotic leaf blotches
  • Extensive mining can inhibit the plant’s photosynthetic activity and ultimately reduce yield


Managing weeds in your sugarbeet fields is key to controlling leaf miner populations. Reducing weed hosts, including common lambsquarters, redroot pigweed and other Amaranthus species, can help manage the likelihood of severe leaf miner infestations.

Insecticides can be another effective management tool. Cruiser® 5FS seed treatment insecticide provides early season protection against injury from leaf miner. Additionally, CruiserMaxx® Sugarbeets insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination of separately registered products delivers consistent, long-lasting protection against early-season insects and diseases.
Cruiser 5FS:

  • Helps optimize seeding rates by protecting every seed to ensure plant establishment
  • Provides excellent activity against a broad spectrum of insect pests
  • Reduces stress on young seedlings
  • Helps increase plant stands, uniformity and vigor, and improve yield potential

CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets:

  • Offers convenience of all-in-one insect and disease protection
  • Complements high-value seed and ensures good plant stand
  • Integrates well with other methods of crop protection
  • Delivers long-lasting activity
  • Protects against damaging disease pathogens including Rhizoctonia and Pythium




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