More and more research is pointing to root health as the key to increasing crop productivity. Decreased root mass and reduced stand strength may diminish yield potential. Insects and diseases feed on sugarbeet roots and inhibit their ability to absorb nutrients and water, which results in decreased crop productivity and potential sugar yield.


To help ensure optimum root health, strong stands and maximum yield potential, seed protection is critical as soon as the seed is placed in the ground. Quality fungicide and insecticide seed treatments help prevent the spread of plant diseases and keep insects at bay, increasing root mass and seedling vigor from day one.

The fungicide components of CruiserMaxx® Sugarbeets seed treatment combination of separately registered products guards against early-season seedling diseases such as Pythium and Rhizoctonia, while Cruiser® brand seed treatment provides early season protection against sugarbeet leafhopper, sugarbeet root maggot, springtails, sugarbeet cyst nematodes and wireworms. Protecting young seeds and seedlings with top-performing seed care products helps ensure:

  • Improved  plant stand, uniformity and vigor
  • Enhanced root health
  • Protection against insects and diseases 

Purchasing seed treated with CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets provides superior protection against insects and diseases, especially when paired with the right variety. Hilleshög® brand varieties keep sugarbeets healthy with tolerance to several diseases and insects, including Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, curly top, powdery mildew, root aphid and Aphanomyces. CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets helps deliver consistent, long-lasting protection against early-season insects and diseases.  

A complement to nematode tolerant varieties, adding Clariva® pn seed treatment nematicide offers sugarbeet growers season-long protection against sugarbeet cyst nematode (BCN), which helps ensure crops get off to a healthy start.

Additionally, Syngenta offers for Vibrance® seed treatment fungicide for sugarbeets, another tool to help combat Rhizoctonia for the 2016 season.

  • Delivers best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity and longer-lasting disease protection
  • Boosts Rooting Power through longer lasting disease protection that leads to more powerful roots and improved crop performance




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