A successful harvest starts with quality seed. Our Hilleshög® brand continues to supply high-performing sugarbeet hybrids with key disease traits to meet the challenges of your growing area. Our hybrid portfolio is the result of our innovative R&D practices, which includes localized disease screening, breeding, hybrid selection and technology evaluation at specially designed facilities throughout the beet growing regions of the United States. This leads to a more consistent on-farm performance year after year.

Our R&D practices have allowed the Hilleshög brand to establish itself as a clear leader in Rhizoctonia control. This yield-robbing disease continues to be an increasing concern across a majority of the sugarbeet acres. Rhizoctonia can lead to reduced yields, reduced sugar per ton and pile loss. Our genetics provide industry-leading tolerance and should be your first choice to protect against this devastating disease.

At Syngenta we take great pride in delivering the highest level of seed quality to our customers. Our quality standards require extensive testing at multiple stages of the production process to ensure optimal germination, vigor, purity and plantability. Our high quality standards help us support your goal of maximizing returns for your farm.

Hilleshög Sugarbeet Seed Advantages

  • Provides industry-leading Rhizoctonia tolerance traits
  • Produces pure, consistent quality seed with increased plantability
  • Delivers strong stands so sugarbeets reach full growth and sugar potential
  • Offers excellent vigor, outstanding sugar quality
  • Keeps sugarbeets healthy with tolerance to several diseases and insects, including AphanomycesRhizoctonia, Fusarium, curly top, powdery mildew, root aphid and nematodes

To view a list of approved Hilleshög seed varieties, visit Syngenta-Us.com/Crops/Sugarbeets      




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