Afla-Guard GR - Biocontrol Agent | Syngenta

Product Overview

The only product of its kind for corn and peanuts, Afla-Guard® natural biocontrol agent, significantly reduces aflatoxin contamination levels to protect the marketability and value of your crop.  Following application to the crop and activation by moisture, the beneficial fungus in Afla-Guard produces a multitude of spores that are dispersed throughout the field by wind and insects, allowing Afla-Guard to outcompete and displace the aflatoxin-producing strains.

Product Highlights

  • Significantly reduces aflatoxin contamination levels to help improve marketability of the crop
  • Early, preventive application minimizes contamination in the field for maximum results
  • Protects the value of  the  crop
  • Offers access to premium markets
  • Reduces the worry of discounts or load rejection
  • Extensively tested and validated independently
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