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Agrisure Duracade

Agrisure Duracade Trait Stacks:
The ultimate option for insect control, simplicity and choice

Delivering More Choices for High-Yielding Hybrids

Growers seeking the ultimate combination of insect control, simplicity and choice should look no further.
Agrisure Duracade® 5222 E-Z Refuge® is the most advanced trait stack on the market, offering premium, broad-spectrum insect control to protect genetic yield potential. Featuring the Agrisure Duracade and Agrisure Viptera® traits, it offers multiple modes of action against corn rootworm (CRW) and above-ground insects to control 16 yield-limiting pests ― all while providing the convenience and simplicity of a 5% in-bag refuge. Additionally, Agrisure Duracade 5122 E-Z Refuge is available with multiple modes of action against CRW and corn borer, plus a single mode of action against ear-feeding insects.

Both Agrisure Duracade trait stacks are also available in water-optimizing Agrisure Artesian® hybrids, helping growers make the most of their available water. Agrisure Duracade traits stacks available with Agrisure Artesian technology are noted by an ‘A’ at the end of the trait stack nomenclature.

Control up to 16 damaging insects

See the Difference

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Non-trait hybrid (left) vs. competitive hybrid (middle) vs. Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge (right)
Princeton, IL 2013
Check (left) vs. Agrisure Duracade (right)
Clinton, IL 2013
Check (left) vs. Agrisure Duracade (right)
Klemme, IA 2012
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The picture is clear: corn hybrids containing Agrisure Duracade trait stacks produce noticeably healthier plants.

  • Strong, more robust root systems enable optimal water and nutrient uptake
  • Fuller leaves allow for increased photosynthesis and maximum grain fill
  • Thicker stalks stand tall in adverse conditions

Agrisure Duracade - A Different Kind of CRW Control

2013 Agrisure Duracade Field Performance Summary
2013 Agrisure Duracade Field Performance Summary
  • A mode of action that controls CRW differently than other traits on the market
  • Helps protect genetic yield potential
  • Effective control of western, northern, and Mexican CRW
  • A USDA study showed the lowest level of adult CRW beetle emergence in Agrisure Duracade fields compared to any other current trait on the market.*

Corn Rootworm Management

Corn Rootworm Management Brochure Preview Picture

A key component in a grower’s CRW management toolbox, hybrids with Agrisure Duracade trait stacks complement and enhance the multiple technologies farmers need to control CRW.

Successful CRW management strategies require a multi-year, whole-farm approach that integrates various control measures. Hybrids with Agrisure Duracade trait stacks act as a foundation for an effective control strategy and provide multiple modes of action against CRW in one convenient trait stack by combining the Agrisure Duracade trait with a second, proven mode of action.

CRW Brochure (file size 3.00 MB PDF)Download

Grain Marketing and Stewardship

Right to Grow

Agrisure Duracade has received China import approval. Elite hybrids with Agrisure Duracade technology are available for growers to plant in 2018 under a simple grain-use marketing program.

Learn more about our grain marketing approach for 2018.

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Mike Blome
Alden, Iowa

“Corn rootworm has kind of creeped up on us. There are some producers that really have a problem, and I think Agrisure Duracade will be very beneficial for them. In our fields, I think the standability of the Agrisure Duracade hybrids has been very good. I've seen no problems with it at all.”

Andy Dunn
Richardson County, Nebraska

“The impact corn rootworm damage has had on the bottom line has been pretty substantial in corn-on-corn situations; I’d say it’s cost us somewhere around 20 bushels an acre. The Agrisure Duracade corn roots that we dug, I was unable to find any corn rootworm feeding outside of a couple of plants on the outside edge of the field – in the field as a whole we didn’t see any rootworm damage in the Agrisure Duracade corn. Agrisure Duracade has been a very good product and I’ll continue to use it.”

Downloadable Resources

Agrisure Duracade Sell Sheet
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Corn Rootworm Management Brochure
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