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NK Corn Seed

Born from innovation, bred to maximize your yields

NK corn offers an elite combination of genetics and traits, providing unique choices and greater value for your farm.

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Advanced Research for the Most Advanced Seed

NK corn is developed using a complex system of intelligent analytics, testing and technology. The result: better-performing and higher-yielding hybrids for any field. With a highly specialized portfolio of genetics and breakthrough Agrisure® traits, there is an innovative NK corn hybrid for any challenging field. Growers seeking the ultimate combination of insect control, simplicity and choice should look no further than hybrids with the

Agrisure Duracade® 5222 E-Z Refuge
trait stack.

Maximize Whole Crop Return with NK Corn

No one can help you integrate your seed selections with other crop inputs like your local retailer, and high-tech NK seed fits perfectly into the mix. From prescriptive solutions for high-tech hybrids and innovative crop protection products that will help your seed thrive, look no further than the integrated, whole-crop knowledge of an NK retailer.


Ernest Waldner
Raymond, SD

Ernest Waldner

“The NK corn disease package seems to be next to none. If you get the right hybrids for your soils and climate, it can be very rewarding. But you have to do your research and learn what works for you. It goes for all hybrids.”

Tom Franke
Hayfield, MN

Tom Franke

“We have Syngenta plots every year, and we try to keep what works best. NK corn hybrid N45P brand has always been good. The health has been excellent. No down corn.”

Joe Shivers
Coleman, GA

Joe Shivers

“NK corn hybrids N83D-3000GT and N78S-3111 brands were the best corn I had. They yielded approximately 265 bu/A, while my DeKalb® hybrids fell in the 220 to 230 bu/A range.”

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How the Naming System Works
  • A The brand designator indicates NK.
  • B This two-digit number is the same as the last two digits of relative maturity.
  • C The next two-digit numbers are random and have no specific meaning.
  • D The dash separates the genetic and trait portions.
  • E The trait designator aligns with the Agrisure traits nomenclature system.
  • F "A" indicates Agrisure Artesian® technology for water optimization.


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