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We pride ourselves on being the world's largest commercial cereal seed breeder. Our goal is to transform cereal production worldwide by setting unprecedented standards for yield, quality and sustainability.

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AgriPro®: Offers top-performing locally adapted varieties with excellent yield potential and quality

Seed Treatments

Cruiser® 5FS: Delivers superior insect protection and enhances crop vigor

CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Cereals: Combines Cruiser Vigor RootingPower™ with broad spectrum disease protection and best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity

Vibrance® Extreme: Delivers best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity with broad spectrum disease protection and RootingPower


Axial® Star: Provides premium broad spectrum grass control and unparalleld kochia control

Axial® XL: Offers exceptional tank mix flexibility and consistent control of Wild Oats and Green Foxtail

Discover® NG: Provides superior grass control and tank mix flexibility in the Durum market

Sierra™: Offers cross-spectrum weed control in fields using a resistance management plan


Karate with Zeon Technology®: Provides long-lasting control of primary and secondary insect pests

Warrior II with Zeon Technology®: Offers broad-spectrum foliar insect control


Quilt®: Combines two proven brands for outstanding disease control

Quilt Xcel®: Delivers broad disease control and crop enhancement

Plant Growth Regulators

Palisade® EC: Reduces lodging and improves standability to maximize yields and protect investment

Current market information

Market Commentary

Early Grain Outlook, 6-30-15
What is more important, today's reports, or the fact that many are just beginning to realize 2015 won't yield like 2014?

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Scott City, MO

Value Basis
Corn4.14 0
New-Crop Corn4 -0.32
New-Crop Soybeans10.11 -0.26
Wheat (SRW)5.95 -0.2
New-Crop Wheat (SRW)5.95 -0.2
Corn4.09 -0.05
New-Crop Soybeans10.17 -0.2
Wheat (SRW)5.85 -0.3
New-Crop Wheat (SRW)5.85 -0.3

Cereal and Syngenta resources

Voices 4 Wheat blog
Voices 4 Wheat blog

Hear the latest from growers Mark and Jenny Rohrich of the Northern Plains.

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Tools to grow more wheat
Tools to grow more wheat

Start strong, grow strong and yield strong with our wheat resources.

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Cereals online training module
Cereals online training module

Learn about the RootingPower benefits of Vibrance seed treatments in cereal crops.

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Root Health Online Training Module
Root health online training module

Learn the importance of root health and ways to manage root systems.

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Learn about the benefits of SY Ingmar spring wheat variety.

Hear all the ways Syngenta is investing in wheat quality.

Learn the importance of managing herbicide resistance.

Discover the benefits of SY Ovation winter wheat variety.

Spring wheat variety SY Ingmar Brings High Protein to the Northern Plains

Spring Wheat Variety SY Ingmar Brings High Protein to the Northern Plains

Syngenta and Wheat: A Commitment to Quality

Syngenta and Wheat: A Commitment to Quality

Managing Herbicide Resistance in Cereals

Managing Herbicide Resistance in Cereals

SY Ovation Winter Wheat Impresses in the PNW

SY Ovation Winter Wheat Impresses in the PNW


AgriPro brand wheat varieties target high yield potential, good test weights, quality grain and superior disease protection.

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Voices 4 Wheat Blog Feed

Learn about the latest pest and production challenges and solutions straight from the field. Hear directly from wheat growers and retailers in the Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains, Central Plains and Southern regions as they share their wheat season through photos, videos and blogs.

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Drought disappearing from TX, OK but easing into western NM
Persistent rainfall for the past few months has reversed the drought trend that had hung on for more than four years in some parts of the southwest. Read more on the improvement from this Southwest Farm Press article....Learn more »
Late harvest & grain quality concerns
Wheat harvest will likely be late again this year. Late harvest coupled with excessive rainfall mean more time for late-season mold growth, mycotoxin accumulation, test weight reduction, and sprouting, all of which collectively could result in poor overall grain quality. Read more on these concerns from this C.O.R.N. Newsletter article....Learn more »
June 30 Grain Stocks report
Grain stocks were all up in the June 30 report with corn stocks up 15 percent from June 2014. Soybean stocks were up significantly at 54 percent and all wheat stocks were up 28 percent. Read more on stocks from the full report at the link below....Learn more »