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Our approach to R&D results in tools and technologies that can help you grow more corn.

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Featured corn products


Agrisure® Traits: Offer best-in-class insect control, water optimization and herbicide tolerance

Enogen® Corn Enzyme Technology: Enhances ethanol production

Golden Harvest® Corn: Delivers the most innovative corn in the marketplace

NK® Corn: Features breakout genetics and breakthrough traits and technologies, coupled with your retailer’s expertise

Seed Treatments

Avicta® Complete Corn with Vibrance®: Provides triple protection against nematodes, insects and diseases with best in class rhizoctonia control

CruiserMaxx Corn® with Vibrance®: Protects against seedborne and soilborne diseases and early-season insects, leading to increased plant stand, uniformity, vigor and yield


Acuron®: Contains four active ingredients for multi-targeted weed control

Acuron® Flexi: Defeats tough weeds with added flexibility

Halex® GT: Provides Glyphosate with Residual™ broadleaf weed and grass control


Force® 3G: Continues a 25-year legacy of superior insect control

Force® CS: Offers the same control with the convenience of a liquid


Quilt Xcel®: Elevates corn to full yield potential

Trivapro: Contains three active ingredients for long-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control

Corn Solutions

Ethanol Grain Quality Solution: Provides the ethanol plant and its growers more high-quality grain while improving return on investment

Water+™ Intelligent Irrigation Platform: Helps enable irrigated corn producers to grow more corn with less water


Current market information

Market Commentary

Early Grain Outlook, 5-5-16
Such diverse market signals. What should we expect?

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Scott City, MO

Value Basis
Corn3.82 0.05
New-Crop Corn3.64 -0.21
Soybeans10.18 -0.16
New-Crop Soybeans10.08 -0.08
New-Crop Wheat (SRW)4.74 0.03
Corn3.82 0.05
Soybeans10.24 -0.1
New-Crop Soybeans10.16 0.01
New-Crop Wheat (SRW)4.71 0

Corn and Syngenta resources

Corn Portfolio
Corn portfolio guide 

Learn more about the Syngenta corn portfolio, including seeds, traits, crop protection and integrated solutions.

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Enogen corn for ethanol

Discover how ethanol is fueling America’s future. Learn how we are helping Enogen producers build one of the world’s most efficient and renewable energy networks.

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 Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship
Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship

Learn more about and apply for the scholarship that awards students rooted in ag who pay it forward.

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Agrisure Duracade Stewardship
Agrisure Duracade Stewardship

Plant and harvest corn hybrids with the Agrisure Duracade trait in 2016 with our resources.

Learn more
Syngenta Thrive Magazine
Syngenta Thrive Magazine

Get the news and information you need to succeed.

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 Enogen corn for ethanol
Yield/hybrid results finder

View local test plots and find yield results in your area.

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Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform

Learn how irrigated corn producers are growing more corn with up to 25% less water with Water+ Intelligent Irrigation Platform.

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AgriEdge Excelsior program
AgriEdge Excelsior program

Improve productivity with an integrated approach to farm management.

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Agrisure Viptera

Advance your yields with NK Corn hybrids.

Acuron outperforms competitors on control of difficult weeds.

Agrisure Duracade insect trait technology helps control corn rootworm and maximize yields.

A step-by-step look at the hybrid corn seed production process

Increasing the rate of genetic yield with accelerated breeding

Agrisure Viptera Stinger

The most comprehensive corn insect control in the industry

NK Corn hybrids

Advance your yields with NK Corn hybrids

Acuron Virtual Plot Tour

Acuron Virtual Plot Tour

Control Corn Rootworm with Agrisure Duracade

Control Corn Rootworm with Agrisure Duracade

A step-by-step look at the hybrid corn seed production process.

The Hybrid Corn Seed Production Process

Syngenta Crop Talk

Syngenta Crop Talk - Accelerated breeding: What does it mean and why should you care?



Acuron Flexi Corn Herbicide

Acuron Flexi combines three active ingredients and two modes of action to flexibly control the toughest herbicide-resistant weeds without carryover.

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Keep up with local insights from our trained agronomists to help you maximize crop potential and grow more corn. View the latest blogs, videos and photos straight from the field.

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