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We are investing in solutions that meet the needs of potato growers today and in the future. From seed treatments to postharvest products, we continue to be a strong partner throughout the growing season.

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Seed Treatments

CruiserMaxx® Potato: Pairs a liquid insecticide and fungicide with an exclusive drying agent

CruiserMaxx® Potato Extreme: Combines three modes of action with an exclusive drying agent for complete protection


Boundary® 6.5 EC: Provides early-season grass and broadleaf weed control with resistance management

Reglone®: Protects harvest quality for optimal yield by eliminating troublesome vines and weeds


Agri-Mek® SC: Serves as the standard for psyllid and Colorado potato beetle control

Besiege®: Provides rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control of key insect pests

Fulfill®: Suppresses psyllids and offers extended aphid protection


Elatus®: Dual modes of action for comprehensive soil-borne disease control

Orondis®: Provides outstanding control of foliar diseases caused by Oomycete fungi

Quadris®: Delivers excellent root and tuber protection in-furrow

Quadris Top®: Provides a robust combination of two powerful active ingredients

Ridomil Gold® SL: Offers systemic activity to protect potatoes from soil and foliar yield robbing diseases

Stadium™: Protects yield and quality from silver scurf and Fusarium dry rot during storage


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Global potato news

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CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme

CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme combines a liquid seed treatment with an insecticide, two fungicides and a drying agent, offering growers advanced protection and increased yield.

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Ron Offutt: International potato success
International farmer and businessman, Ron Offutt contributes his success to strong partnerships, finding marketplace voids and focusing on customer satisfaction. "What has been a key to our success has been looking for a void in the marketplace and finding a way to fill that void," said Offutt on the final day of Manitoba Potato Production Days on January 28 in Brandon. From his family potato farm, Offutt has created a lucrative farm enterprise both domestically and internationally. Offutt founded Emeritus, which today is the United States' largest producer of potatoes and holds farm operations in nine states, which total 190,000 acres, and includes a 34,000-acre, 25,000-cow dairy operation. As his business grew, he began to diversify into food-processing and retail equipment....Learn more »
The value of tighter row spacing in potato production
Growers and processors are always looking at how to improve farming practices that will boost yields in potato fields. Could using a narrower row width when planting potatoes be one way? Spud Smart magazine asked four experts to share their views on tighter row spacings in potato production and how growers could stand to benefit: processing potato producers John Goff and Sheldon Wiebe and McCain Foods agronomists Scott Graham and Rhett Spear....Learn more »
Canada releases new pink potato
This year, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has released 16 new kinds of potatoes, with bright pink and purple being touted as the hot new fashion colours for potatoes in Spring 2016. The potatoes were unearthed Wednesday 10 Feb., at events in Guelph, Ont., Frederiction, N.B. and Lethbridge, Alta. According to AAFC, the current crop of potatoes was narrowed down from over 120,000 hybrid seedlings. Those seedlings were grown, tested, bred with other varieties, measured and tested again to isolate the genes that make these new potatoes more appealing....Learn more »