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We are investing in solutions that meet the needs of potato growers today and in the future. From seed treatments to postharvest products, we continue to be a strong partner throughout the growing season.

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Seed Treatments

CruiserMaxx® Potato: Pairs a liquid insecticide and fungicide with an exclusive drying agent

CruiserMaxx® Potato Extreme: Combines three modes of action with an exclusive drying agent for complete protection


Boundary® 6.5 EC: Provides early-season grass and broadleaf weed control with resistance management

Reglone®: Protects harvest quality for optimal yield by eliminating troublesome vines and weeds


Agri-Mek® SC: Serves as the standard for psyllid and Colorado potato beetle control

Besiege®: Provides rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control of key insect pests

Fulfill®: Suppresses psyllids and offers extended aphid protection


Elatus®: Dual modes of action for comprehensive soil-borne disease control

Quadris®: Delivers excellent root and tuber protection in-furrow

Quadris Top®: Provides a robust combination of two powerful active ingredients

Ridomil Gold® SL: Offers systemic activity to protect potatoes from soil and foliar yield robbing diseases

Stadium™: Protects yield and quality from silver scurf and Fusarium dry rot during storage


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Global potato news

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Syngenta Thrive Magazine

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CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme

CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme combines a liquid seed treatment with an insecticide, two fungicides and a drying agent, offering growers advanced protection and increased yield.

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Giant ID potato tour could roll on well past 2016
Idaho Potato Commission board members have informally asked the public relations firm handling the Big Idaho Potato Truck to attempt to quantify its value. At the same time, they agreed the promotion is well worth the $750,000 the commission spends on it each year. Read more on the value of the tour from this Capital Press article....Learn more »
Drones aid potato breeders
Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are used for many different purposes these days-everything from remote warfare to parcel delivery to good old-fashioned fun. But crop scientists at the University of Aberdeen and the James Hutton Institute in Scotland believe the aircraft can take potato breeding into the future. Read more on their potential from this Potato Grower article....Learn more »
Know your fusarium to make correct control decisions
Fusarium infections in potatoes are common, but more strains are showing resistance to fungicides. ?"Resistance management is an important piece to consider when making plans about how we are going to manage fusarium," Mike Harding, a plant pathologist at Alberta Agriculture's Crop Development Centre, told Potato Growers of Alberta's annual meeting held in Red Deer Nov. 18-19. There is no single way to control the disease, so growers need to use as many best management practices as they can to keep it from destroying an entire crop. ?"Fusarium diseases can sneak up or sometimes cause losses that go seemingly unnoticed," he said. ?"They are especially problematic when we try to store potatoes for a long time because people like to eat potatoes all year long."? "It is important to understand the biology so that we can make the correct decisions," he said....Learn more »