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We are investing in solutions that meet the needs of potato growers today and in the future. From seed treatments to postharvest products, we continue to be a strong partner throughout the growing season.

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Seed Treatments

CruiserMaxx® Potato: Pairs a liquid insecticide and fungicide with an exclusive drying agent

CruiserMaxx® Potato Extreme: Combines three modes of action with an exclusive drying agent for complete protection


Boundary® 6.5 EC: Provides early-season grass and broadleaf weed control with resistance management

Reglone®: Protects harvest quality for optimal yield by eliminating troublesome vines and weeds


Agri-Mek® SC: Serves as the standard for psyllid and Colorado potato beetle control

Besiege®: Provides rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control of key insect pests

Fulfill®: Suppresses psyllids and offers extended aphid protection


Elatus®: Dual modes of action for comprehensive soil-borne disease control

Quadris®: Delivers excellent root and tuber protection in-furrow

Quadris Top®: Provides a robust combination of two powerful active ingredients

Ridomil Gold® SL: Offers systemic activity to protect potatoes from soil and foliar yield robbing diseases

Stadium™: Protects yield and quality from silver scurf and Fusarium dry rot during storage


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Global potato news

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CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme

CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme combines a liquid seed treatment with an insecticide, two fungicides and a drying agent, offering growers advanced protection and increased yield.

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Idaho reports variable Burbank quality
Idaho potato industry sources say a growing season marked by sudden shifts from extreme heat to unseasonable cold has resulted in variable quality in the state's Russet Burbank crop. "They're great size but a little rough," Aberdeen grower Ritchey Toevs said of his Burbanks, which tend to be more sensitive to the weather than other popular varieties. Toevs said he's seen some growth cracks, rough skin and odd shapes in Burbanks thus far in his harvest. However, his spuds have ideal weight for making fries and he's had no problems with high sugar accumulation by stem ends. Toevs believes record heat in late June caused plants to drop many baby tubers, leading some of the remaining tubers to grow too quickly....Learn more »
PepsiCo boosted by smaller chip bags, non-soda drinks
Smaller bags of potato chips and drinks that do not have Pepsi printed on them are helping push up PepsiCo's sales. PepsiCo Inc. said Tuesday that snack volume in North America rose by 0.5 percent for the third quarter, while pricing pushed up sales for the division by 2 percent. The maker of Frito-Lay chips has been increasing options on sizes, offering Lay's potato chips in a bag that is two ounces smaller than the traditional 10-ounce bag. Tom Greco, the head of Frito-Lay North America said last month that the company is shaking up bag sizes because of shrinking U.S. households, but also to improve margins for retailers. ...Learn more »
Fresh Solutions Network kicks off Spud Zone II at PMA Fresh Summit
Fresh Solutions Network is lining up to kickoff their best season ever, starting with hosting Spud Zone II at PMA Fresh Summit to be held October 23-25 in Atlanta, GA. Attendees can expect to see a full roster of innovative new products as well as meeting the Fresh Solutions Network team and learning about the marketing programs available to support FSN's retail and foodservice customers during the year ahead. One of the strongest contenders for MVP (Most Valuable Product) at Spud Zone II will be Side Delights Roastables, a true innovation in potato side dishes that has already become a fan favorite. Roastables is a metal tray containing petite yellow and/or red potatoes, perfectly proportioned for roasting in an oven or on a grill and incorporating the trendy Montana Mex seasoning blends developed by chef Eduardo Garcia. Roastables will be debuting all-new packaging at this year's PMA Fresh Summit that is specifically designed to appeal to the highly sought-after Millennial shoppers and Food Enthusiasts....Learn more »