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Syngenta is proud to be the only company that offers you seed, seed treatment, fungicide and herbicide solutions for sugarbeets. We are committed to helping you achieve comprehensive root health and minimize damage from yield-robbing pests and diseases so you can grow more sugar.

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Featured sugarbeet products


Hilleshög®: Delivers reliable disease tolerance and strong yields

Seed Treatments

CruiserMaxx® Sugarbeets: Increases stand, vigor and yield potential through a combination of separately registered products


Gramoxone® SL 2.0: Provides effective broad-spectrum burndown weed control

Sequence®: Delivers broad-spectrum control of more than 100 weeds in glyphosate-tolerant crops


Inspire® XT: Delivers superior control of Cercospora leaf spot and powdery mildew

Quadris®: Provides protection with xylem-mobile systemic activity

Sugarbeet and Syngenta resources

Sugarbeet pest solution resource
Sugarbeet pest solution resource

Learn how to prevent damaging diseases, insects and nematodes.

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Sugarbeet agronomy resource
Sugarbeet agronomy resource

Secure solutions to challenging agronomic industry issues.

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Sugarbeet cyst nematode infographic
Sugarbeet cyst nematode infographic

Learn about the effects and how to protect your crop from this damaging pest.

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Syngenta Thrive Magazine
Syngenta Thrive Magazine

Get the news and information you need to succeed.

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Sugarbeet Quadris SB – Ruppal

Sugarbeet Quadris SB - Ruppal

Proven successes from the field

Proven successes from the field - Brent Baldwin, Buxton, N.D.


Our Hilleshög brand varieties deliver market-leading disease tolerance and strong emergence adapted to your local growing conditions to maximize field performance.

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