Actigard 50WG - Fungicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

When diseases threaten your pome fruit, tomatoes and other vegetables, reach for Actigard® plant activator. Actigard activates the natural defense systems in several crops to help the plant to protect itself against attack, much like a vaccination. Its systemic movement lets Actigard move through the plant quickly for all-over protection. Plus, its low use rate and excellent fit in an integrated pest management program make Actigard a great choice for any disease prevention plan.

Product Highlights

  • Rainfast one hour after application
  • Excellent fit in an Integrated Pest Management program
  • Highly effective at low use rates
  • Can be used in tank mix or alternation with many standard treatments to enhance their effectiveness in controlling fire blight on pome fruit and help extend the length of protection

Download Supporting Actigard 50WG Documents

2016815201651320710_Actigard-PomeFruit.jpg PDF
Actigard Pome Fruit Technical Bulletin(PDF)
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