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Product Overview

Blockade plant activator in citrus

When citrus canker threatens your crops, Blockade® plant activator boosts your trees’ natural defense mechanisms against bacteria. By inducing PR protein production in the tree, Blockade helps the tree protect itself from infection, similar to a vaccination. Its systemic movement lets Blockade move through the tree quickly for all-over protection. Combined with its low use rate and excellent fit in integrated pest management programs, Blockade is a great addition to citrus canker prevention plans.

Product Highlights

  • Highly systemic, offering movement throughout the tree

  • Excellent fit in integrated pest management programs

  • Limits disease establishment on foliage and reduces fruit infection

  • Effective on bearing and non-bearing trees at a low use rate


Download Supporting Blockade 50WG Documents

20199742019312213737_blockade-tech-nonbearing.jpg PDF
Technical recommendation citrus canker management – non-bearing citrus tree(PDF)
2019860201931221352_blockade-technical-bearing.jpg PDF
Technical recommendation for citrus canker management – bearing citrus tree(PDF)
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