Cannonball WG - Fungicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

For management of tough soil-borne and foliar diseases, growers can rely on Cannonball® WG fungicide. Cannonball WG provides targeted, effective disease control in leafy vegetables, onions and garlic, plus suppression of vine decline in melons. A unique chemistry, Cannonball WG fits easily into existing disease management programs as a strong rotation partner. With its focused disease control, Cannonball WG does more than protect leafy vegetables – it protects a grower’s bottom line.

Product Highlights

  • Low resistance risk due to targeted use in an integrated program 
  • Allows application flexibility with a short 12-hour REI 
  • Easy-to-use wettable powder formulation 
  • Effective resistance-management partner 
  • Very active contact fungicide 
  • Compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices 
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