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Elatus: Innovative Fungicide, High-performing Results

For peanut and potato growers looking to improve disease control, maximize yield potential and protect quality, Elatus® fungicide is a robust, long-lasting product. With the power of two active ingredients, Solatenol® fungicide and azoxystrobin, Elatus improves residual disease control while providing flexible use rates and application timing to suit each grower’s individual disease management plan. In potatoes, the application of Elatus in-furrow at planting for the control of Rhizoctonia, black dot and silver scurf has been shown to suppress Verticillium levels. Use as a management tool in combination with resistant potato varieties, fertility and irrigation management, crop rotation and fumigation for best results. In peanuts, Elatus takes foliar and soilborne disease control to new levels, enabling growers to maximize yield potential and stop diseases such as Southern stem rot (white mold), early leaf spot and late leaf spot in their tracks.

Product Highlights


  • Offers growers application flexibility from 21 days after planting to traditional soilborne timing, without skipping leaf spot control
  • Delivers excellent control of several foliar and soilborne diseases, including Southern stem rot (white mold), Rhizoctonia, early leaf spot, late leaf spot and rust
  • Provides consistently long-lasting residual control


  • Delivers two-prong attack on soilborne diseases such as Rhizoctonia, black dot and silver scurf
  • Offers built-in resistance management as the only in-furrow technology that contains the proven performance of azoxystrobin and a powerful, long-lasting SDHI mode of action
  • Potential to suppress Verticillium levels when applied in-furrow at planting


Daniel Penry
Daniel Penry
Grower, Penry Farms Inc.
Alabama, 700 peanut acres

"White mold is our #1 disease. Since using Elatus fungicide, we have not had any significant amount of white mold damage.”
Jason Goolsby
Jason Goolsby
Grower, Goolsby Farms
Georgia, 500 peanut acres

"I began using Elatus fungicide in 2016, and it held its own very well against white mold. My peanut yields have been good and consistent. Elatus fungicide is worth using"
Ray Davis
Ray Davis
Grower, Davis and Sons Inc.
Virginia, 200 peanut acres

"We historically have had high white mold pressure, but after using Elatus fungicide, we did not have any white mold. Elatus has a great formulation and is easy to work with—I’d recommend that other growers give it a shot."


Download Supporting Elatus Documents

201979220192252146_erticillium-wilt-techsheet.png PDF
Elatus Verticillium Wilt Technical Sheet(PDF)
201639201641115342_Elatus-Peanut.jpg PDF
Elatus Peanut Brochure(PDF)
20195422019219153312_potatoebrochure-elatus.jpg PDF
Elatus Potato Brochure(PDF)


May 22, 2018

Syngenta blight hotlines provide resource for potato growers

Syngenta and prominent potato disease researchers will continue their partnerships on the potato blight hotlines in 2018. Growers in Idaho, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington can call the hotlines for access to the latest updates on local disease pressures.Read more »

Recommended Application Timings

With reliable residual control and flexible application timing, Elatus gives growers the ability to customize their spray program to suit their local disease environment and farm management preferences.


Growers have application flexibility from early emergence to traditional soilborne timing for control of Southern stem rot (white mold), early leaf spot and late leaf spot.

Elatus Provides White Mold Control in Peanuts

Peanut Untreated

Peanut Treated
Source: Brenneman, University of Georgia, 2011.


Apply in-furrow at planting for control of Rhizoctonia, black dot and silver scurf and suppression of Verticillium levels.

Elatus Improves Plant Emergence and Uniform Stands

Potato Untreated

Potato Treated Priaxor

Potato Treated Elatus

Note: All plots were inoculated with Rhizoctonia at planting. Photos taken 47 days after planting.
Source: USVA0F0102013

Where to buy Elatus

Talk to your local Syngenta retailer to find out how Elatus fungicide can fit into your disease management program.

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