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Product Overview

Mertect® 340-F fungicide is the reliable option for control of important diseases like blue mold, bull’s eye rot and gray mold for potatoes and pome fruit. This systemic fungicide is physically and biologically compatible with diphenylamine and ethoxyquin. Mertect 340-F may be applied as a dip, flood or spray to harvested fruit by itself or in a tank mix with certain other products. For proven, reliable postharvest protection in potatoes and pome fruit, choose Mertect.
For SDS protection
Additional sudden death syndrome (SDS) protection is here. Mertect® 340-F fungicide seed treatment adds proven, effective SDS protection to your preferred broad-spectrum seed treatments such as CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance® or Clariva™ Complete Beans seed treatments, both combinations of separately registered products. 
SDS is one of the most damaging soybean pathogens, and until now, genetic resistance was one of the few management options. The disease has been detected in all major soybean-producing states and cannot be treated once symptoms are identified. SDS is commonly found in fields with high levels of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) pressure. Damage caused by SCN feeding creates gateways for disease pathogens, like SDS, to enter the plant. Clariva Complete Beans helps reduce damage from SCN-related diseases including SDS, while Mertect 340-F offers additional effective SDS protection.    

Product Highlights

  • Offers systemic disease control of important postharvest diseases in potatoes, citrus and pome fruit
  • Compatible as a tank mix with other products
  • Can be applied through various application methods to meet your needs in pome fruit
  • Offers effective SDS protection
  • Consistent performance and yield protection under SDS pressure in four consecutive years of testing
  • Complements SDS-resistant soybean varieties as an additional management tool
  • Provides an excellent seed safety profile that protects both germination and stand
  • Available as an add-on to your preferred broad-spectrum seed treatments from Syngenta


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