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Miravis Prime Fungicide

Miravis® Prime fungicide sets a new standard for spectrum and disease control in specialty and vegetable crops. Registered for use on grapes, potatoes, cucurbits and fruiting vegetables, Miravis Prime is a combination of fludioxonil and Adepidyn® fungicide. Adepidyn fungicide is the latest SDHI mode of action with broad-spectrum preventive and curative activity against several difficult-to-control diseases.  

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Miravis Prime provides excellent preventive and curative activity in spray programs with several difficult-to-control diseases. With Miravis Prime, growers can expect long-lasting disease control of Botrytis in grapes, white mold in potatoes, powdery mildew in grapes and pumpkins, and early blight in potatoes and and tomatoes.

Grapes  Miravis Prime is a step-change in efficacy on powdery mildew in grapes

Grape Foliar Fungicide Trial – heavy disease pressure
Syngenta Trial, Hickman, CA 2017.
Miravis Prime 7-spray program: A) Miravis Prime 11.4 oz. B)Miravis Prime 11.4 oz. C) Miravis Prime 11.4 oz. D) Quintec® 4 oz. E) Sulfur F) Miravis Prime 11.4 oz. G) Miravis Prime 11.4 oz.
Inspire Super 7-spray program: A) Inspire Super 20 oz. B) Inspire Super 20 oz. C) Inspire Super 20 oz. D) Quintec 4 oz. E) Sulfur F) Inspire Super 20 oz. G) Inspire Super 20 oz.
Pristine 7-spray program: A) Pristine 12.5 oz. B) Pristine 12.5 oz. C) Pristine 12.5 oz. D) Quintec 4 oz. E) Sulfur F) Pristine 12.5 oz. G) Pristine 12.5 oz.

Application Timing
A) April 26
B) May 10
C) May 24
D) June 14
E) June 21
F) June 28
G) July 6



Miravis Prime outperforms current standards against early blight in potatoes

Miravis® Prime

Luna® Tranquility

Red River Valley, 2016



See the difference Miravis Prime makes in tomato health and quality

            Untreated                                  Miravis Prime

Jack Haskell, 2017. 


Miravis Prime Controls A Wide Variety of Diseases

  • Accumulates heavily into the wax layer and translocates through the leaves
  • Complements integrated pest management spray programs
  • Remains stable on the leaf surface for even distribution and protection
  • Delivers high potency and durability

Miravis Prime Performance

left arrow
Boytrtis disease severity
Marketable bunches per acre
Early blight severity
White mold hits
Early blight severity - potatoes
Early blight severity - tomatoes
right arrow
Disease severity in grapes is less than one percent with Miravis Prime.

Grape: Chardonnay, 3 applications. CA, 2016.

Miravis Prime on grapes performance under high disease pressure.

Grape: Zinfandel, 3 applications. CA, 2016.

Miravis Prime efficacy on early blight vs. current standard in potatoes.

ND, 2016.

Get better white mold control in potatoes with Miravis Prime.

ID, 2016.

Miravis Prime efficacy against early blight in potatoes stands out.

ID, 2016.

Evaluate Miravis Prime for early blight in tomatoes—10-day schedule.

Jack Haskell, 2017. Alternated with Bravo® (starting with Bravo)1.


May 24, 2018

Syngenta announces EPA registration of game-changing fungicide Adepidyn®

Syngenta announced today its latest carboxamide fungicide (SDHI mode of action) – Adepidyn – has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Read more »


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