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One Giant Leap for
Peanut Growing.

Delivering groundbreaking potency against early and late leaf spot, Miravis fungicide has landed and is revolutionizing peanut growing for good.

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Product Details

Miravis Fungicide

A once-in-a-lifetime fungicide for controlling leaf spot in peanuts, Miravis® provides game-changing potency and residual up to 28 days. With extended residual control, peanut growers can be confident their fields have disease protection when they need it.

Active Ingredients:


Resistance Management:

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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Worker Safety

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    Product Benefits

    Miravis Provides Better Disease Control

    • Gives growers a more flexible and durable disease management program by providing extended residual control of leaf spots, even under heavy pressure
    • Remains stable on the leaf surface for even distribution and consistent protection
    • Delivers high potency and durability
    • Complements the proven performance of Elatus fungicide, helping to significantly increase yield and ROI potential
    • Controls pepper spot and web blotch, and provides suppression of Sclerotina blight
    • Is within the FRAC 7 group

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