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The MVP of Your Growing Season.

Orondis® brand family of fungicides deliver a best-in-class active ingredient for knocking oomycete fungi right out of any citrus, vegetable, potato or tobacco field.

Product Details

Orondis Fungicide

Using oxathiapiprolin as its active ingredient, Orondis® fungicide improves root health and significantly reduces Phytophthora propagule counts and inoculum potential. Orondis can be applied as a soil spray, through irrigation water or to fruit/foliage.

Active Ingredients:


Resistance Management:

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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Worker Safety

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    Product Benefits

    • Increased yield and profit potential from industry-leading control of root rot and brown rot
    • Significantly reduces Phytophthora propagule counts and inoculum potential, compared to competitor products
    • Contributes to improved root health as part of an overall program
    • New mode of action with no cross-resistance to other products
    • Applied as a soil spray, through irrigation water or to fruit/foliage
    • Effective at very low a.i. use rates
    • Excellent preventive fungicidal activity and residual disease control
    • Demonstrated crop safety
    • Foundation fungicide in programs with other modes of action

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