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Orondis Gold Videos

Orondis Gold Videos

Product Overview

In potatoes, cucurbit and fruiting vegetables and tobacco, Orondis® Gold fungicide combines two powerful active ingredients to deliver preventive, residual and systemic activity that aids growers in hitting an out-of-the-park home run against diseases. It is a real game changer against Oomycete diseases, protecting crops to maximize marketable yields. Orondis Gold is this season’s Most Valuable Player for soilborne Oomycete disease control.

Orondis Gold offers the proven, trusted performance of mefenoxam (FRAC group 4, the active ingredient found in Ridomil Gold® fungicide) with oxathiapiprolin, which brings a paradigm shift in active ingredient use rate compared to other fungicides. In addition to high intrinsic activity, oxathiapiprolin has a novel mode of action and is not cross-resistant to any other fungicide. Oxathiapiprolin is the only fungicide a.i. in FRAC group 49.

Product Highlights

  • Combines active ingredients of two powerful systemic fungicides: Ridomil Gold SL and Orondis

  • Superior control of Oomycete diseases including Phytophthora and Pythium spp.

    • In potatoes: pink rot, Pythium leak

    • In cucurbit and fruiting vegetables: Phytophthora root and crown rot

    • In tobacco: black shank

  • Two modes of action for resistance mitigation

  • Unique mode of action (oxathiapiprolin) with no cross-resistance to other products

  • Secures early crop establishment

  • Promotes root health for better water and nutrient use efficiency

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