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Orondis Opti Videos

Orondis Opti Videos

Product Overview

In potatoes, cucurbit and fruiting vegetable crops, Orondis® Opti fungicide combines two powerful active ingredients with systemic and contact protection to aid growers in hitting an out-of-the-park home run against Oomycete diseases. It is a real game changer in controlling late blight and downy mildews, protecting crops when they are most actively growing to maximize marketable yields. Orondis Opti offers control you can rely on, making it this season’s Most Valuable Product.

Orondis Opti combines the proven, trusted performance of chlorothalonil (FRAC group M5) with oxathiapiprolin, which brings a paradigm shift in a.i. use rate compared to other fungicides. In addition to high intrinsic activity, oxathiapiprolin has a novel mode of action and is not cross-resistant to any other fungicide. Oxathiapiprolin is the only fungicide a.i. in FRAC group 49.

Product Highlights  

  • Excellent protectant and increased residual disease control 

  • Effective under conditions favorable for disease development

  • Protection of new and existing growth

  • Rainfast within 30 minutes to protect from rain/irrigation wash-off

  • Longer spray intervals, great application flexibility

  • Two modes of action for better resistance mitigation


Download Supporting Orondis Opti (Premix) Documents

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Orondis Opti Technical Bulletin(PDF)
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