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Product Overview

Orondis® contains the active ingredient oxathiapiprolin and offers a new mode of action for outstanding control of economically important soil and foliar diseases caused by Oomycete fungi in vegetables, potatoes and tobacco. 

Oxathiapiprolin brings a paradigm shift in a.i. use rate compared to other fungicides. In addition to high intrinsic activity, oxathiapiprolin has a novel mode of action and is not cross-resistant to any other fungicide. Oxathiapiprolin is the only fungicide a.i. in FRAC group U15.

Product Highlights  

  • New mode of action with no cross-resistance to other products
  • Effective at very low a.i. use rates
  • Exhibits systemic, translaminar movement and redistribution to protect developing leaves
  • Rainfast within 30 minutes after spray residues have dried
  • Flexible application methods
  • Provides excellent preventive fungicidal activity and residual disease control
  • Demonstrated crop safety
  • Foundation fungicide in spray programs with other modes of action

Download Supporting Orondis Documents

20177092017321144149_orondis-ridomil-gold.jpg PDF
Orondis Ridomil Gold SL Pink Rot Brochure(PDF)
20176322017321143735_orondis-opti-tech.jpg PDF
Orondis Opti Technical Bulletin(PDF)
2016977201624215939_Orondis-Ultra-Tech.jpg PDF
Orondis Ultra Technical Bulletin(PDF)
2016243201624215644_Orondis-RidomilGoldSL.jpg PDF
Orondis Ridomil Gold SL Technical Bulletin(PDF)


Dec 6, 2016

Orondis® Opti fungicide now registered in premix formulation

Syngenta announced that Orondis® Opti fungicide premix is now registered and approved for use on specialty and vegetable crops by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read more »

Sep 14, 2015

Syngenta adds Orondis fungicide to vegetable, potato and tobacco portfolio

Syngenta announced that Orondis fungicide is now approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the first fungicide in the FRAC group U15. Pending state registrations, Orondis is expected to be available for the 2016 season.Read more »

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