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Quadris top SBX

Product Details

Quadris Top SBX Fungicide

Controlling many diseases including strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot, Quadris Top® SBX fungicide provides broad-spectrum preventive and curative disease control. Quadris Top SBX also offers stress management benefits to promote plant growth.

Active Ingredients:

Azoxystrobin, Difenoconazole

Resistance Management:

Label Details

Use Rates
Weeds, Pests & Diseases
Special Labels
Worker Safety

    Restricted Entry Interval:

    PPE required for Applicators, Mixers or Loaders:

    PPE required for Early-Entry Workers:

    Product Benefits

    • One-to-one ratio of both active ingredients and two modes of action
    • Unique chemistry protects against various diseases
    • Tank mixes with Endigo® ZC and Besiege® insecticides to target yield-robbing insects
    • Shields plants from stresses, including high temperatures and periods of too much or too little water
    • Increases periods of photosynthesis for more plant growth and higher yield potential

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