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Product Overview

Quilt Xcel® fungicide provides preventive and curative disease control, plant stress management and yield-boosting benefits that bring a positive return on investment on corn, soybean and cereal crops, even at current commodity prices. Quilt Xcel elevates crops to their full yield potential by shielding plants from stress while providing broad-spectrum disease control.

Product Highlights

  • Boosts yield by keeping plants green longer, allowing longer periods of
    photosynthesis for more plant growth and extended grain and pod fill
  • Delivers disease control uniformly throughout the plant, even to new growth,
    through systemic xylem mobility
  • Helps plants withstand wet conditions with stronger, deeper roots and broad-spectrum
    preventive and curative disease control 
  • Allows plants to better tolerate dry conditions by reducing water loss, which allows plants to use the water they have more efficiently
  • In corn, provides stronger stalks, reduced lodging, a more efficient harvest and less potential for volunteer corn the following season


We have sprayed a lot of Quilt Xcel at V5 and then again at tassel. At V5 we can tank-mix Quilt Xcel with Touchdown or Halex GT. It’s been economical and the flexibility is what I like about it. I also like to get it out before the diseases hit. To me, it is better to be preventive than curative.

Steve Foss, Retailer, Southern FS, Grantsburg, IL

Dennis WischmeierOne of the main reasons I used Quilt Xcel on my corn is that it has two modes of action against disease. I have seen it take gray leaf spot and just put a stop to it. Another benefit has been improved stalk quality and standability. If you are harvesting a field where 30 percent of the corn is down, compared to a field with standing corn, it makes a big difference. It is less stressful. With Quilt Xcel you can harvest more acres in a day than you could if your corn was down and your combine was running at half the normal speed and you are saving more corn too.

Dennis Wischmeier, Grower, Brownstown, IN

We used Quilt Xcel to improve the health of our plants. Our checks have shown much stronger root systems, healthier plants and less leaf spots with the Quilt Xcel. The 2013 season began with good conditions then in July we had 21 straight days of rain and Quilt Xcel suppressed whatever diseases would have come from the wet conditions. We also usually tank-mix Quilt Xcel with Halex GT. We like being able to get it all on at the same time and this combination has worked well for us.

Brad Benedict, Grower, Marion, OH

2013 started out as a tough year, wet and late. It was the first year we made early (V4-V8) applications of Quilt Xcel and the plants stayed healthy all season long. The area where we applied early is next to town and we can’t spray aerially, so it’s nice to have the option to apply at the early timing and just use a ground rig.

Bill Bruere, Syngenta Seed Advisor, Prole, IA

Download Supporting Quilt Xcel Documents

2015332201561164724_Quilt-Xcel-and-Halex-GT.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel and Halex GT Sell(PDF)
2015332201561164724_Quilt-Xcel-and-Halex-GT.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel Cross Crop Brochure(PDF)
2015332201561164724_Quilt-Xcel-and-Halex-GT.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel Warrior II sheet(PDF)
2015332201561164724_Quilt-Xcel-and-Halex-GT.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel Competitor Sheet(PDF)
2015332201561164724_Quilt-Xcel-and-Halex-GT.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel Corn Brochure(PDF)
2015332201561164724_Quilt-Xcel-and-Halex-GT.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel trifold(PDF)
2015332201561164724_Quilt-Xcel-and-Halex-GT.jpg PDF
Quilt Xcel Soybeans Sheet(PDF)


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