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Revus Fungicide

Due to its LOK + FLO™ technology, Revus® produces quality vegetables, hops and grapes even under adverse conditions. Providing determined disease control, Revus defends against downy mildew, late blight and Phytophthora blight. Revus is applied as a foliar spray and can be used in block, alternating spray, or tank mix programs.

Active Ingredients:


Resistance Management:

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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Worker Safety

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    Product Benefits

    • Effective resistance management partner in alternation or tank mix with non-Group 40 fungicides
    • Unique LOK + FLO action to provide rainfastness and long-lasting residual control
    • Flexible applications to fit any existing disease control program
    • Reliable, consistent disease control under adverse conditions
    • Highly effective at low use rates

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