Ridomil Gold SL - Fungicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

For years, growers have reaped the benefits of using Ridomil Gold® SL fungicide for control of soil-borne diseases in vegetables, citrus and potatoes. By using Ridomil Gold SL as an early-season application, growers can expect this super-systemic fungicide to improve stand, root health and crop vigor, maximizing a grower’s return on investment. This unique product fits into any grower’s fungicide program with flexible application methods and a clear, easy-to-use formulation.

Product Highlights

  • Unsurpassed protection against soil-borne oomycete diseases
  • Excellent crop protection due to hyper-systemic uptake and translocation properties
  • Flexible application methods for at-planting treatment
  • Easy-to-use formulation
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