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The Hardest-Working,
Longest-Lasting Fungicide

Trivapro®, featuring Solatenol® fungicide, provides extended residual control of key foliar diseases in corn, soybeans and wheat. See how Trivapro stacks up against competitive brands.

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Product Details

Trivapro Fungicide

Under high or low disease pressure, Trivapro® fungicide fights rusts, leaf spots and blights. With hard-working, long-lasting preventive and curative disease control and plant-health benefits, Trivapro fits easily into corn, soybean and wheat programs.

Active Ingredients:

Azoxystrobin, Propiconazole, Solatenol® (Benzovindiflupyr)

Resistance Management:

Label Details

Use Rates
Weeds, Pests & Diseases
Special Labels
Worker Safety

    Restricted Entry Interval:

    PPE required for Applicators, Mixers or Loaders:

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    Product Benefits

    • Fits easily into corn, soybean and wheat programs
    • Mixes well with other products
    • Unique chemistry designed for maximized protection against rust
    • Excellent residual control
    • Demonstrated preventive and curative fungicidal activity
    • Exceptional rainfastness
    • Contains 3 complementary and non-cross-resistant modes of action (strobilurin, triazole, SDHI)

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