Trivapro Fungicide

The Hardest Working, Longest Lasting Fungicide

Trivapro®, featuring Solatenol® fungicide, provides extended residual control of key foliar diseases in corn, soybeans and wheat. See how Trivapro stacks up against competitive brands.
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Products Overview

Not Afraid to Work Trivapro

The Hardest Working, Longest Lasting Fungicide

Corn, soybean and wheat growers can turn to Trivapro fungicide to help protect their crops from disease and the impacts of unpredictable weather. With 3 active ingredients, including Solatenol fungicide, Trivapro delivers long-lasting disease control and crop enhancement benefits to maximize yield potential.

  • Studies show Solatenol fungicide, the SDHI component in Trivapro, is 10 times more potent than other SDHIs on the market and delivers longer-lasting control.
  • Trivapro has shown a step change in control of diseases including rusts, leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight and more.
  • Crop enhancement benefits maximize yield potential and harvest efficiency through promoting stronger stalks, healthier roots and bigger ears/fuller pods.

Trivapro Performance


Trivapro corn yield response chart that shows a 32 bushel increase over untreated under Northern corn leaf blight disease pressure.
  • Trivapro-treated fields produced increased yields of:
    • An average of 27 bushels per acre (bu/A) more corn than untreated1
    • An average of 8 bu/A more soybeans than untreated2
    • Between 11 and 27 bu/A more wheat than untreated and competitive brands3
  • Provides excellent, long-lasting residual disease control against:
    • Stripe rust and Septoria in cereals
    • Northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Southern rust in corn
    • Soybean rust and frogeye leaf spot in soybeans
  • Binds to the waxy layer of the plant for extended stay put protection
  • Offers preventive and curative disease control

1Based on 48 non-replicated trials in the U.S. in 2016
2Based on 9 large plot trials in the U.S. in 2016
3Based on 5 trials in the U.S. in 2016

Product Highlights

  • Contains three complementary and non-cross-resistant modes of action (strobilurin, triazole, SDHI)
  • Fits easily into corn, soybean and wheat programs
  • Mixes well with other products
  • Unique chemistry designed for maximized protection against rust
  • Demonstrated preventive and curative fungicidal activity
  • Exceptional rainfastness
  • Excellent residual control 


Richard Stadheim
Albert Lea, MN

“I compared Quilt Xcel® fungicide against Trivapro. The Trivapro treated corn out-yielded the Quilt Xcel treated corn by 8 bu/A, and I had no disease pressure.
Mark Willmann
Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor™,  Grower
Anna, IL

“With Trivapro fungicide, I liked the longevity of control the best and of course, the 20 to 25 bushel per acre yield bump I received."
Jeff Agre
Sacred Heart, MN

“I would rate Trivapro 5 stars because of harvestability, plant health at harvest and the yield gain.”


Download Supporting Trivapro Documents

20153202015108204556_Trivapro-Wheat.jpg PDF
Trivapro wheat(PDF)
201533201599213747_Trivapro-Soybean.jpg PDF
Trivapro soybean(PDF)
2015518201599213618_Trivapro-Corn.jpg PDF
Trivapro corn(PDF)
2015338201564233430_SLC-CORN-SOY.jpg PDF
Trivapro corn and soy tech sheet(PDF)
201527201564233525_SLC-2014-CEREAL.jpg PDF
Trivapro cereals tech sheet(PDF)


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