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Delivers More Bushels Per Acre Than Any Other Herbicide

Containing four active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, Acuron® corn herbicide protects crops from yield-robbing weeds better than the competition.

Product Details

Acuron Herbicide

With four active ingredients and three sites of action, Acuron® corn herbicide delivers more effective and more consistent control of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses in corn. Acuron is the best herbicide on the market for performance, flexibility and max yield.

Active Ingredients:

Bicyclopyrone, Mesotrione, S-metolachlor, Atrazine

Resistance Management:

Label Details

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Weeds, Pests & Diseases
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Worker Safety

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    Product Benefits

    • Protects corn from yield-robbing weeds better than any other herbicide
    • Contains four active ingredients and three effective sites of action (Group 5, 15 and 27) for multi-targeted control of the most difficult weeds, including resistant weeds, and built-in weed resistance management
    • Enables unmatched application flexibility from 28 days preplant, including burndown, up to 12-inch corn
    • Provides broad-spectrum control of 70-plus grass and broadleaf weeds for clean fields you can be proud of

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