Acuron Flexi Herbicide

Delivers powerful, broad-spectrum weed control with added flexibility

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Product Highlights

  • Acuron® Flexi combines three active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, and two effective modes of action (Groups 15 and 27) in one convenient premix for a multi-targeted approach to weed control. 
  • Delivers improved and more consistent control of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in corn versus competitive herbicides.
  • Controls tough weeds like giant ragweed, kochia, marestail, Palmer amaranth and waterhemp.
  • Registered in field corn, seed corn, silage corn, sweet corn (pre-emergence only) and yellow popcorn (pre-emergence only).

Added Flexibility with Acuron Flexi

Soil type, tank-mix partners and weather conditions vary, so it’s important to have a herbicide that delivers effective weed control with application, geographic and tank-mix flexibility: 


Excellent pre- and post-emergence crop safety enables application flexibility from 28 days pre-plant up to 30-inch corn

Where registered, Acuron Flexi can be used without soil type restrictions
Tank-mix compatibility

Does not contain atrazine or glyphosate but can be tank mixed with herbicides based on farming practices



Tony Bomkamp
Tony Bomkamp
Muscoda, WI

"The most valuable thing I see about Acuron Flexi is that it keeps all the weeds out, I can use it in my areas I can’t put atrazine on, and that I’m applying one time. Acuron Flexi I would definitely use again. It did a very good control on my weeds.”
Mike Anders
Mike Anders
Grower and Retailer
Nerstrand, MN

"The most beneficial feature of Acuron Flexi corn herbicide is having multiple modes of action already in the premix and also having the ability to add atrazine where we can. Our customers that have used Acuron Flexi have seen very good performance. We had tough growing conditions this year with too much rain and heat and Acuron Flexi was up to their expectations."
Alan Borton
Alan Borton
Wilmington, OH

"We switched to Acuron Flexi after having a good bit of weed outbreaks and have seen really good results."


Download Supporting Acuron Flexi Documents

2017945201741819642_Acuron-Flexi-Options.jpg PDF
Acuron Flexi Use Options(PDF)
2017892201739211312_Acuron-Flexi-Brochure.jpg PDF
Acuron Flexi Brochure(PDF)
20168352016211151235_Acuron-Flexi-Reg.jpg PDF
Acuron Flexi Registration(PDF)

Acuron Flexi Performance

Acuron Flexi delivers dramatically improved control and more consistent control of the toughest
broadleaf weeds and grasses in corn.
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Acuron Flexi vs. Resicore Comparison
Muscoda, Wisconsin Acuron Flexi
Acuron Flexi vs SureStart Comparison
Acuron Flexi over time Fulda, Minnesota
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Gilbert, Iowa

Syngenta trial. All treatments applied pre-emergence. Photos taken 73 days after treatment

Acuron Flexi 2.25 qt/A
Resicore 3 qt/A

Muscoda, Wisconsin

Acuron Flexi 2.25 qt/A applied pre- emergence in Tony Bomkamp’s field.

Photo taken 62 days after treatment.

Rochester, Minnesota

University of Minnesota trial. All treatments applied pre-emergence. Photos taken 56 days after treatment.

Top Left: Verdict 14 fl oz/A
Top Right: Corvus 5.6 fl oz/A
Bottom Left: Acuron Flexi 2.5 qt/A
Bottom Right: SureStart 2 pt/A

Fulda, Minnesota

Acuron Flexi 3 pt/A + atrazine 1 pt/A over time

From Top to Bottom:
June 7, 2016
June 15, 2016
June 24, 2016


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Growers see strong 2016 performance from Syngenta corn herbicides: Acuron® and Acuron® Flexi

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Jan 26, 2016

Acuron corn herbicide proves successful in early trials

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