Amber - Herbicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

Amber® herbicide is a reliable, economic choice for long-lasting control of more than 50 tough broadleaf weeds to minimize late flushes and provide clean fields through harvest. Amber also suppresses annual (Italian) ryegrass, cheat, Japanese brome and downy brome grasses. Giving you the power to time weed control to your needs, Amber can be applied in spring or fall, pre-emergence or post-emergence, up to the pre-boot stage of wheat.

Product Highlights

  • Season-long control reduces late weeds to keep fields clean for harvest 
  • Wide window of application in both wheat and barley for greater flexibility with weed control decisions 
  • Mix with other grass and broadleaf herbicide tank-mix partners for one-pass control 
  • Low use rates so growers can tailor applications to fit their specific farm needs 
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