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Product Overview

Axial Bold herbicide is built on the foundation of Axial brands, the industry standard for grass weed control in cereals. With two active ingredients, trials show Axial Bold delivers improved consistency and broad-spectrum control of top grass weeds including: wild oat, yellow foxtail, Italian ryegrass, green foxtail and barnyardgrass. Axial Bold offers enhanced flexibility with an optimized formulation for combination with Talinor® herbicide, meaning Axial Bold performs better in the tank and in the field, resulting in less antagonism when tank-mixed with broadleaf herbicides.

Grasses Controlled

  • Wild oat

  • Volunteer oat

  • Green foxtail

  • Yellow foxtail

  • Giant foxtail

  • Persian darnel

  • Italian ryegrass

  • Canarygrass

  • Wild proso millet

  • Windgrass

  • Barnyardgrass

Axial Bold Outperforms the Competition


Optimized for Tank-Mixing

Combining herbicides with different sites of action is convenient, broadens the spectrum of weeds controlled, and is important for managing weed resistance. However, mixing herbicides with different sites of action may cause them to antagonize each other, leading to reduced efficacy.

Axial Bold has less grass antagonism when tank mixed with broadleaf herbicides so it performs better in the tank and in the field.

Application & Timing

By Crop:

  • Spring wheat and winter wheat: Apply from emergence to pre-boot stage

  • Barley: Apply from emergence up to prior to the joining stage

By Weed:


Product Highlights

  • An ideal tank mix partner with Talinor® or other broadleaf herbicides that control Bromus species
  • Flexible for use in spring wheat, winter wheat and barley
  • Lower use rate than Axial® XL; from 16.4 fl oz/A to 15 fl oz/A
  • Active ingredients: pinoxaden and fenoxaprop

Download Supporting Axial Bold Documents

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Axial Bold Sell Sheet(PDF)
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