Axial Star Herbicide

Industry-leading Grass Control Combines with Kochia Leader in Wheat and Barley

  • Combines proven, industry-leading mixed-grass control with a leader in kochia control in one convenient product at a single use rate
  • Helps produce weed-free fields so that crops can more efficiently use water and nutrients to maximize yield
  • Offers tank-mix flexibility to build weed control solutions that meet each field’s specific needs
  • Provides rotational crop flexibility the following growing season to better
    capitalize on market prices

Download Supporting Axial Star Documents

201672016725195539_Axial-star-tech-profile.jpg PDF
Axial Star Technical Bulletin(PDF)
201633201672519562_axial-star-data-sheet.jpg PDF
Axial Star Data Sheet(PDF)
2016687201672520244_Axial-Star-Herbicide.jpg PDF
Axial Star Herbicide Information(PDF)
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