Axial XL - Herbicide | Syngenta

Control Tough Mixed Grasses and Maximize Yield with Axial® XL

  • Wide application window offers the flexibility to apply early or late without
    sacrificing performance
  • Superior control of tough mixed grasses at a single use rate regardless of
    species or growth stage
  • Single grass control solution for both wheat and barley
  • Freedom to choose best tank-mix partner for the broadleaf weed spectrum
    without injuring the crop 
  • Rainfast period of 30 minutes

Download Supporting Axial XL Documents

Axial XL Cereals Brochure(PDF)
2016936201662916631_Axial-XL-Weed-Control.jpg PDF
Axial XL and Orion Data Sheet(PDF)


Feb 17, 2010

Malting Barley Begins in Weed-free Fields

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