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Product Overview

Boundary® 6.5 EC soil-applied herbicide delivers proven early-season grass and broadleaf control in soybean, excellent resistance management and rotation flexibility. By using Boundary, you can extend the post-application window up to five weeks after planting, thereby protecting your yield and keeping your fields cleaner longer. Boundary contains two modes of action and controls weeds such as waterhemp and Palmer pigweed, that are resistant to glyphosate and ALS-inhibitors.

Protect Yields with Early-Season Residual Weed Control with Boundary® 6.5 EC

  • Protects yields by offering early-season residual control of troublesome weeds
  • Contains two non-ALS inhibiting, non-glyphosate and non-PPO inhibiting chemistries for managing tough broadleaf and grass weeds
  • Offers rotational crop flexibility
  • Extends the post-application window up to five weeks after planting, keeping fields cleaner longer and allowing for more timely post-emergence applications

Download Supporting Boundary 6.5 EC Documents

20162282016526232834_soybean-herb-sell-thumb.jpg PDF
Soybean Herbicide Portfolio Sell Sheet(PDF)
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Boundary-Flexstar GT 3.5 Sell Sheet(PDF)
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Boundary Sell Sheet(PDF)

Keep Fields Clean With Boundary

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Boundary 6.5 EC - Carousel, Chart
Boundary 6.5 EC - Carousel, Chart
Boundary 6.5 EC - Carousel, Chart
Boundary 6.5 EC - Carousel, Chart
Boundary 6.5 EC - Carousel, Chart
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A full-season herbicide program can prevent weeds from taking root and competing with soybeans for water, nutrients and sunlight. These images show untreated soybeans (left) compared to a program of Boundary 6.5 EC followed by dicamba post-emergence. Source: Syngenta, 2016; Oregon, MO.

Using a full-season approach to weed management is key to ensure rows start and stay clean throughout the season. On the left, soybeans were treated with a post-emergence only herbicide application. The soybeans on the right were treated with Boundary followed by Flexstar GT 3.5. Source: Syngenta trials, 2017; Ina, IL.

The residual control of Boundary herbicide is easy to see in these clean rows 3 weeks after application. Source: Syngenta, 2017; Cotton Plant, AR.

This image series shows the superior weed management provided by Boundary followed by Prefix (right) vs. untreated (left) and Fierce (center). Source: Syngenta, 2016.

The benefits of using a pre-emergence residual followed by a post-emergence product are clear in these rows surrounded by untreated soybeans. Although the weeds are fighting to spread, Boundary followed by Flexstar GT 3.5 is able to hold them back. Source: Syngenta, 2015; MS.


Mar 29, 2016

Palmer amaranth among soybean weeds expected to be major challenge in 2016

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