Orion - Herbicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

Orion® herbicide is highly effective against yield-robbing broadleaf weeds, offers superior rotational crop flexibility and simplifies broadleaf weed control. Through a single use rate and tank-mix flexibility, Orion takes the complexity out of weed control decisions. Keeping weeds in check and rotation options open allows you to maximize profitability in your wheat and barley crops.

Product Highlights

  • Single use rate keeps weed control simple in wheat and barley
  • Systemic movement within the weed delivers rapid weed control that gives you visual satisfaction knowing it worked
  • Superior rotational crop flexibility the following growing season keeps options open
  • Tank-mix flexibility with other herbicides broadens the weed control spectrum to meet field needs

Download Supporting Orion Documents

Orion Cereals Brochure(PDF)
2016936201662916631_Axial-XL-Weed-Control.jpg PDF
Axial XL and Orion Data Sheet(PDF)
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