Peak - Herbicide | Syngenta

Product Overview

Peak® herbicide offers a unique combination of both powerful broadleaf weed control and excellent crop safety in spring and winter wheat and barley. It offers tank-mix flexibility for control of more weeds for one-pass grass and broadleaf weed control. Peak provides lasting control of more than 40 broadleaf weeds while allowing for crop rotation flexibility the next year. In addition, Peak can be applied after small grain harvest to keep fields free of weeds for the next crop.

Product Highlights

  • Lasting weed control that also allows for crop rotation flexibility the following season
  • Excellent crop safety for a healthy, vigorous crop which maximizes yield and profit potential
  • Wide application window gives you flexibility to time application to farm needs
  • Tank-mix flexibility controls more weeds in one pass and makes it an excellent fit in resistance management programs
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