Resistance Fighter: Herbicide Resistance Management

Win the Battle Against Resistant Weeds

The war against resistant weeds will never end, but this season’s battle can be won. Contact your local Syngenta expert for a custom attack plan.

Take steps to manage herbicide resistance in your area.

Resistance Fighter® from Syngenta provides education, local recommendations and a comprehensive herbicide portfolio to help growers and retailers effectively manage resistant weeds in their area.

Tips for Good Stewardship:

  • Start clean, utilizing tillage or an effective burndown plus a pre-emergence residual herbicide application
  • Always use a two-pass, pre- and post-emergent system with herbicides at full rates
  • Use multiple effective modes of action with overlapping residuals
  • Use diversified management programs such as cover crops, mechanical weed control and crop rotation
  • Do not allow weeds to go to seed and add to the seed bank
  • Utilize good agronomic practices – narrow rows, increased plant populations and other practices that promote crop growth and competitive ability

Diversity is Key to Fighting Herbicide Resistance

Syngenta offers a robust portfolio of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides to help you stay in control of difficult weeds on your farm.

boundary 6.5 EC
Boundary® 6.5 EC herbicide allows you to extend the post-application window up to five weeks after planting.
Learn About Boundary 6.5 EC
broadaxe xc
BroadAxe® XC herbicide helps maximize soybean yield potential with early-season weed management and long-lasting residual.
Learn About BroadAxe XC
Prefix® residual herbicide offers superior control of broadleaf weeds and grass to help you maintain clean fields and increase yield potential.
Learn About Prefix
flexstar gt 3.5
With two leading active ingredients, Flexstar® GT 3.5 herbicide delivers two different modes of action to combat difficult-to-control weeds in soybeans and cotton.
Learn About FlexStar GT 3.5
Acuron® corn herbicide contains four active ingredients and three modes of action for multi-targeted weed control.
Learn About Acuron
acuron flexi
Acuron® Flexi corn herbicide defeats tough weeds with added flexibility.
Learn About Acuron Flexi
halex gt
Halex® GT herbicide provides Glyphosate with Residual™ broadleaf weed and grass control.
Learn About Halex GT


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Joseph Humes of Wyaconda, Missouri
Joseph Humes
Wyaconda, MO
“The best thing with Boundary herbicide is that it doesn’t matter whether you no-till or conventional till or just one-pass till, it helps give a residual that stays for a while. We see taller soybeans, more pods and better coloring, and that’s because we had no pressure there to rob any of our nutrients.”
Joshua Miller of Tamms, IL
Joshua Miller
Tamms, IL
“Pigweed is my toughest weed. It’s extremely prolific and is resistant to several chemicals, so it’s extremely hard to kill. Once it is established, it can take over like wildfire. With Acuron, we haven’t seen a single pigweed out there."
Mike Laux of New Baden, Illinois
Mike Laux
Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor, Grower
New Baden, IL
“I think Syngenta is the only provider out there that gives a comprehensive solution from the herbicide, the fungicide and the insecticide market, where we can take care of all of your crop needs with just one company.”


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