Actara - Insecticide | Syngenta

Product Overview

When tough sucking and chewing pests need fast knockdown and long-lasting control, growers trust the proven performance of Actara® insecticide. Actara, a second-generation neonicotinoid, protects citrus, vegetables and potatoes at low use rates, providing long residual control with superior trans-stemic movement. And it’s absorbed quickly, so Actara delivers fast elimination of sucking and chewing pests, stopping damage before it starts. For trusted foliar protection, rely on Actara.

Product Highlights

  • Controls many sucking and chewing pests
  • Quickly penetrates the leaf’s surface, and eliminates pests within 24 hours
  • Establishes a reservoir of product within the leaf due to trans-stemic movement, resulting in long residual control
  • Highly compatible with Integrated Pest Management programs

Download Supporting Actara Documents

Actara Vegetables Quick Reference Guide(PDF)
Actara Citrus Best Use Guidelines(PDF)
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